It’s past my bedtime, and the NyQuil hasn’t kicked in


We love this little guy.

We love this little guy.

 Felix belongs to our friend Trip.  He comes over every once in a while and we play with dinosaurs and watch his very own music video on YouTube, Corduroy Jacket.  You should check it out here: 


I love me some red beans and rice!

I love me some red beans and rice!

A little history: My Mom’s side of the family lives in New Orleans.  Both of her parents, my Maw Maw and Paw Paw, died 6 and 7 years ago.  They were both collectors of Lladros (pronounced ya-drow), Carousels, Eagles, Nutcrackers, doubloons, and various other things.  My mom had to go down there to finally settle her parents estate.  She didn’t end up doing that for various reasons which I’m not going to post here, out respect for my effed up family, but she did return with a few things for me.  

Item 1: The Lladro.  Lladro’s are fancy pants Italian porcelain figurines.  I’m not too sure what the big deal is, but I’m glad my mom got me one that belonged to my Grandparents.  It is pretty cute.  I like those oddball family heirloom things.

Item 2: Kodak Brownies.  Brownies were a series of cameras Kodak made waaaay back in the day that shot 120mm film.  My Paw Paw was a photographer, as was my Mom.  So, it’s nice to have a couple of his cameras, one even had a roll of film still in it.  I’m gonna develop it at work tomorrow, I’ll let you know what comes out.  I’m pretty excited to use these, they’re basically boxes with holes in them., a far cry from digital photography.

Item 3: Blue Runner Red Beans.  They are made in Louisiana and sold only there too.  Mondays in Louisiana are known as Red Beans Monday.  Since not one place, as far as I know, sells the right beans for making red beans from scratch here (not that I can actually cook them) I have to find a way to get the Blue Runner here.  I used to order them online, but the Blue Runner company doesn’t have an online store anymore.  The only thing I wanted my mom to bring home were these red beans.  She carried an entire suitcase home with just Blue Runner and Gulf Shrimp.  Red Beans Monday tomorrow!

When we got home from visiting Mom we walked into the house to find a bag of cough drops strewn about the living room, some of them chewed open, empty wrappers.  I then walk upstairs to find this:


Yep, that's my underwear.

Yep, that's my underwear.

My adorable dog, Diego, did this.  He’s a notorious chewer.  I was so angry, but what can you do to make a dog understand that this is not ok?  We use the squirt bottle technique and he understands that when the bottle comes out he’s in trouble.  Ugh.


Yup, I'm scrapbooking.

Yup, I'm scrapbooking.

Nathan's hot dogs are the way to go.

Nathan's hot dogs are the way to go.

Does anyone actually watch the Super Bowl?  I mean, root for a team and pay attention to what the hell is going on?  I don’t.  I just don’t care.  Why would I wanna watch a bunch of over paid men run around with a ball, in ridiculously tight pants just to win a trophy?  The amount of time spent on this event is just plain stupid.  A 5 hour long pre-game show?  Seriously?  Do you not know enough about what the game is about?  Not to mention the fact that the game itself lasts 4 hours, and don’t even get me started on the after game show.  The Office was supposed to start at 7:30.  It didn’t.  You know why?  The after the Super Bowl show was STILL ON.  When the game is over, it’s over.  Done.  No more.  Jesus, I can’t stand it.  

If anyone does watch the Super Bowl, please feel free to put me in my place.  I know there are more than a few of you out there that are football fans and you really dig this kind of event, so if I’m being a complete jackass about this, let me know.

Another thing, I’m still sick.  My nose is constantly stuffed and running, and I’m coughing up things that shouldn’t come out of the human body.  I’m gonna blame it on the fact that I probably have mold spores growing in my lungs because my lab flooded after the Arctic Blast and my boss didn’t find it necessary to clean our moldy stenched carpets.  

And with that, I’m off to bed.  

Night, night kiddos.


2 thoughts on “It’s past my bedtime, and the NyQuil hasn’t kicked in

  1. That is really cool that there was some film left in your Paw Paw’s camera. I can’t wait to see what was in there! And, I also hate the Superbowl. We went to Ikea during the Superbowl because we knew the place would be deserted – and we were right.

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