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I’m really proud of the Boiler Room Ballers for doing so well this season.  We’ve come a very long way from our first season of no wins.  The games we played the other night were very different from each other.  The first, against Gutter Strike, was a fairly easy win.  I threw a ball probably 3 times.  They did, however, win a couple of rounds.  The second game, against Cougars, was pretty rough.  They were a very angry team, and I’m pretty sure the Hulk was playing.  There were a few moments where I was actually scared.  We played six rounds and we had each won 3.  In the 7th round, everyone had gotten out except for our lonesome ranger, Tyler.  He held in there for a loooong time against The Hulk, and his cronie.  Tyler went to catch a ball and missed.  We lost, and I’m ok with that.  I’m sure if we had won they would’ve had a shit fit.



dscn3381riAfter dodgeball, Rob and a few of the other kids went out to wish J.D. farewell.  He’s being deployed to Afghanistan at the end of the moth.  I wussed out on the party.  I want to wish him good luck in getting dodgeball started over there, and more importantly coming home in one piece.  It makes me ill to think about someone I know over there in the midst of it all, and for what?


Rita es mi perro bonita.  Is that right?

Rita es mi perro bonita. Is that right?


march18thiMilo used to live with us before Shauna did.  Actually it was Milo and Jro (short for Jason Ross).  As much as I LOVE living with Shauna, and I couldn’t stand living with three boys sometimes, I miss them.  Jro is now living in South Korea teaching english to middle schoolers.  Don’t know if he reads this, but if he does HI JRO!!

Stay tuned for a VERY special post coming today!


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