And then there were three




dsc_0149riThis is the cake I made.  It was still pretty delicious, and purple.  Yes, purple.  I like to play with food coloring.  










So yeah, another chicken, gone.  It just so happens that Lucy was one of two chicks we raised from little fuzzballs into full grown chickens.  Danger Bird was the other and we lost her in March of last year.  Today was a preventable accident.  Our neighbors have a few dogs, one of which has a shock color on from animal control, because he gets out a lot.  Well, today he got into our yard where all the chickens were hanging out and I heard a chicken start freaking out and I ran outside and saw the dog go under the bushes, and little red feathers fly.  I ran through the yard screaming “get your dog outta my yard! your damn dog is in my yard!”.  The little neighbor kids are yelling and one of the grown men neighbors is pounding down the fence to get in.  I frantically counted three chickens, and he found the fourth.  There she was bleeding and missing a giant patch of feathers.  lucy_2

I ran into the house and grabbed Rob out of the basement, trying to tell him what happened, but I was crying and he couldn’t understand me.  Rob picked her up and held her as she died.  Our neighbor was extremely apologetic and felt really bad.  He said if we wanted to talk to him about something he could do to repay us he would be happy to do it.  After a lot of tears shed on my part we buried her next to Danger Bird.  Some people may think it’s silly to be this upset about a chicken, but these were our pets.We raised her from a baby for two years, and she spent her entire life in our backyard.  She was the noisiest of the bunch.  Every morning and most afternoons without fail, she would be sqwuaking and prancing about the backyard like the little princess she was.

lucy_3She was also the subject of many of my photo shoots.  She was very photogenic.  I took this last photo of her last week.  Diego is just getting used to the chickens and he was checking her out, making sure she’s not a threat.

Little miss Lucy, we’re gonna miss you and your obnoxious squawking.  I’m sorry you had to go like this, but now you’re in chicken heaven with Danger Bird.  

Rob and I have decided to talk to the neighbors about rebuilding the fence between our yards and paying for half.  Hopefully then their dog will stay put.



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