Prom! Basketball!





dsc_0323riWhat a good lookin’ group of kids.  I have to say I did get a little jealous.  I want to go to prom again!  My senior prom was fun, I guess.  My date was an alcoholic, who hit on many other girls that night, before getting totally hammered.  A real winner I know.  I remember that Katie was the Prom Queen, it was between her Katrina and myself.  A mutual friend of ours was terribly upset that she wasn’t being considered for Prom Queen, and was mostly mad that I had even kind of made the cut.  At the prom after party (which, I hope to God my brother does not attend such a party) she drank til she was sick and spouted off to Katie, saying that “Katie is like the sun, cause she’s so popular and gets all the attention.  Katrina is like the stars, cause she’s so pretty and everyone wants to look at her.  And Erin is the hair on the elephant’s ass.”  Not kidding.  Now, I was a really good friend and I didn’t confront her about it, I did not badger her, I held her hair while she puked.  After that, I took her home with me so she wouldn’t be left at some strangers house completely wasted.  That was my prom experience.  I kind of wish I could do it all again without a douche nozzle date, and maybe not go to some ridiculous party afterward.  

I know my brother pretty well, and I don’t think he’ll be doing any of that.  dsc_0337riAt least, I hope not.  I’ll kick his ass.





                                                                                                                                             This is a really unflattering photo Rob took of us today.


dsc_0367riAs most of you probably know, tonight was the first playoff game for the Blazers.  Katrina, I mean the screeching howler monkey, came over to watch.  We didn’t win, which was a real bummer, but Katrina kept it pretty exciting with her general ridiculousness.  I’m not too much of a sports fan.  Don’t go to games.  But it is kind of fun to excited about a game.  Like when two years ago the New Orleans Saints made it to the playoffs for the first time ever.  It was great.  They didn’t last, I don’t even think through the first round, but it was still cool to see.  I guess it’s ok to stop for a moment and forget about the tens of millions of dollars these guys make every year, to cheer ’em on to victory.  Hopefully.







Also, today Shauna and I recorded a podcast with Rob.  Look out for that.  And, this is my favorite commercial right now.  It’s just beautiful, and the Moody Blues song reminds me of my Mom who loooooves them.  She once skipped a Moody Blues concert to take me and my cousins to see New Kids On The Block.  I guess she loves me more.


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