Wedding Dress Blues






dsc_0411iOk.  This is not happening.  I never thought this would be an issue I would have to deal with as far as the wedding goes.  I was told this dress would take 2 to 3 months.  It’s been only a month and a half since I ordered it.  Was this just a quick shotty job?

I mean seriously, who sends out a half assed job like this?  Moreover, who sends out a stained wedding dress to a bride who’s getting married in 3 MONTHS!?  On the right breast!  Holy fucking crackers I am pissed.  I paid an extra $260 to have this thing made to my specifications, not to have some random splooge on the boob, and some white thread holding the different purple colored petticoat netting together.  dsc_0416iThe top and bottom layers of the petticoat are the same material, just a different color.  I wanted the middle color to be the purple used on the dress.  I’m holding the sash against the petticoat to display how off in color this actually is.  It’s re-fuckin-diculous.

Now I need to figure out what to do.  I’m going to call them tomorrow and tell them what the fuck is up, and send them photos (seriously, are they color blind, or am I being completely unreasonable with my purples?).  Then I’ll ask them what they’re gonna do for me.  I might just send it back and ask for a refund, and find a seamstress in town to make me my dream dress.  Anyone know of a super great seamstress who can do this in less than 3 months?


On the upside of wedding news, we get our invitations tomorrow!  

I skipped Jazzercise today (I jumped on the Shauna bandwagon, and you know what?  It’s friggin great.  Don’t knock it til you try it.) cause I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out lately.  This whole dress thing was just the icing on the shit cake.  I have a lot emotional vomit coming up regarding this wedding and I need to get it all out now so that on the actual wedding day I am a.) not totally depresed and b.) I don’t have swollen battered wife eyes.  Was that mean?  Sorry.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Blues

  1. I’m pissed for you. That is effing ridiculous. The lady who’s taking in my dress used to work as a seamstress for years and years. She’s my mom’s BFF. If you need someone, I’m sure you could hire her for the job.

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