A bit of a rant

Joan Holloway, a character played by Christina Hendricks on Mad Men, is somewhat of an icon.  She’s fashionable and sexy and most importantly she’s a real frickin woman.  I love that she is the dominant woman on this show.  So often we see bigger women as frumpy and plain, but she is just hot.  She makes it look so easy.


I went to the mall yesterday to find some respectable slacks to wear tomorrow for a wedding I’m shooting.  In the process of trying on lots of different styles and sizes of pants and shirts I became very discouraged and walked out feeling defeated.  Why the hell do designers feel the need to make clothes that fit only small boylike girls?  Not women, girls.  Did you know the average woman wears a size 14?  Did you know that anything larger than a size 8 is considered plus size?  I haven’t worn a size 8 since the 8th grade!  I’m a curvy woman and I like it.  What I don’t like is the fact that because I have hips I can’t fit into a pair of jeans at Old Navy.  I have to go spend $30 more somewhere else to find a pair of damn jeans that don’t squeeze my ass so tight that I can’t move.  I can’t find a bathing suit that fits cause I don’t have a flat tummy or perky B cup boobs.  I really enjoy shopping.  There I said it.  But I can’t stand the fact that nearly every time I shop for clothes it ends in tears.  It’s just not fair.

Why should we cater to stick thin bone bags?  I mean, seriously designers, don’t you think you’d make a hell of a lot more money if you made clothes that fit everyone?  Just a suggestion.


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