My car has a boo boo







dsc_0471riWhile we were finishing up dinner, Aaron, mom’s boyfriend, played Happy Birthday on his harmonica.  It was pretty sweet.Dinner was fun.  There was plenty of cutting up between my brother and Rob.  Rob was channeling Kanye West with Cameron’s glasses, while I made jokes about Cameron being punched in the face by his ex-girlfriend (it really happened).  My mom called me the next day to tell me thank you for such a great birthday. 














dsc_0579riSo, the city is doing some sewer construction right in front of our house and our crappy neighbors house, so the street has been closed during the day.  I parked across the street on a corner when I got home.  When I left to go shopping, I attempted to flip a u-turn and instead managed to scrape the living shit out of my car on the curb.  I felt like I was gonna throw up.  I want this car to last and to look nice always, but man, I can hardly turn the damn thing around without breaking something.  Ugh.




I sent my dress back.  I was refunded 80% today, I had to pay a 20% restocking fee-whatever.  Now, I have a couple of leads on some new dresses.  One is at Xtabay on Clinton.  I haven’t seen it yet, but the owner says it’s perfect for me.  I hope so, dammit.


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