for my mama











Look how handsome this father/son duo are.  They are so great with their matching hats.  I’m sure Tony and Jenny, who was at work for the bbq, were up all night with sweet lil Ale after all the ice cream.  









erin022iI just wanted to take a moment to say how wonderful my mom is.  She has done nothing but be 150% supportive of everything my brother and I do and have done, and helped us in any way she can.  There are no words to describe how grateful and appreciative I am of her.  She is my rock, my support system, and my shoulder to cry on.  When we lost my dad I was scared of would happen to my mom.  I was afraid she would crumble.  She did the opposite.  She is stronger and more independent than ever, and I’m so proud of everything she’ s accomplished professionally, and personally.  

I love you mama.  Thank you for being you.


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