Hey neighbor….Thanks.





I was told by my neighbors that they would pay for the repairs, but would need to pay in installments because they live paycheck to paycheck.  Or is it welfare check to welfare check?  I’ve had it with these fuckers.  They’re filthy, they’re loud, they’re fucking rottweiler ate one of my chickens, and their kids throw trash and toys in my backyard constantly and pull on the fence and say “hey neighbor, can we pet the chickens?”.  No, you cannot pet the chickens, and stop pulling on my God damn fence.

What do we do?  I’ve called the city and the county, and the police when there was gunfire.  And nothing!  Nothing is done about their trash piling up in their garage, nothing is done about the state of the house the 14 people are living in, or the cars lining the side of the street that they live in.  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!  Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Hey neighbor….Thanks.

  1. If ya can’t beat em, join em! Out trash them! Throw garbage in their yard! Have a gun fight! Decorate your lawn and backyard with broken cars and used needles! Start breeding rats and then setting them free! I know that your neighbors will be really hard to outdo, but I think you’re up to the challenge. Make them want to move just to get away from you!

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