Wedding Vacation Part 1

I know you were just DYING to see more wedding and wedding related photos.  I’ll start with the bachelorette party.  All of it was a surprise to me.  I knew it was happening but I didn’t know what we were doing.  First we went to dinner at The Melting Pot, then we did the ultimate bachelorette-y thing and went to Darcelle’s.  I love fondue, and I love drag queens.  It was perfect.


DSCN3612Mikey dropped off corsages for Joy and I.  They matched our dresses.


DSCN3630Kristin and I shared bananas foster fondue for desert.  It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

IMG_1943iThis guy gave me a ride across the street.  I gave him a lollipop.

DSCN2097RiKristin decked me out in full bachelorette gear: sash, tiara, bouquet of lollipops for $2 each.

DSCN2099RiBefore the show, when you’re lined up outside, Darcelle comes over and chats.  She gets a little close for comfort while she’s questioning you about your wedding, your future husband, and your honeymoon.  With every answer I gave she had some sassy retort.  I realized when we got inside, that our entire conversation was being projected into the performing space.  At the end of the night Joy, myself and the other 20 bachelorettes were given cassette tapes with our names on them.  I can only assume it’s the conversation we had with Darcelle.  I don’t know cause I don’t have a cassette player.




DSCN2111iThe show was pretty frickin fun.  We left as the male strippers were coming out.

IMG_1950We came back to my house for snacks and games.  Rob and Mike had decorated the whole house and patio with pretty lights and streamers and balloons.


When all the girls asked me what kind of bachelorette party I wanted I said I just wanted to go bowling.  I didn’t want a typical bachelorette-y party.  I had such a fantastic time.  It was absolutely perfect.  We ate fondue of cheese, meat, and bananas.  We went to a drag show, and had drinks.  We hung out in the backyard into the wee hours of the morning eating snacks and having girly time.  I can’t imagine a better party.  Thanks girls for a very memorable night.

In between the bachelorette party and the rehearsal dinner, more family came in town, we went white water rafting on the Clackamas River, and had many family dinners-something I miss a lot.


The rehearsal dinner was all my mom and Aunt Karen and Aunt Sue and Jenny, who spent all day Friday cooking.  Aunt Karen brought seafood up to Portland from New Orleans so I could have crawfish monica, and shrimp gumbo.  She made a king cake for the party.  She brought Mardi Gras beads for everyone, and had handkerchiefs made and parasols decorated for Rob and myself for a traditional New Orleans style second line.  All I asked for was a home cooked cajun meal and I got the whole shebang.  It was so awesome.  She was worried that my friends would think it was weird and stupid, but they got into it.  I’m sure the quiet neighborhood in Milwaukie was wondering why there were people parading up and down their street with handkerchiefs and parasols.

Aside from the food and festivities there was an actual rehearsal.  It was short and sweet and it made me cry.  It was such a great night and I’m so glad and eternally grateful for my Aunt Karen who made this happen.

DSC_0388iKing Cake!!!

DSC_0392iGumbo, Jambalaya, and Crawfish Monica

DSC_0247Ribrother and adopted brother

DSC_0252RiNew Father in law, Joe, Rob and Brenda



DSC_0280RiChelsea and Dustin

DSC_0281RiTrina and her mom Carol and dad Terry

DSC_0298RiMe & Cam, rehearsing walking down the aisle

DSC_0300RiRehearsing getting married


My cousin and bridesman, Michael and his girlfriend Jenny

DSC_0974RiKristin, my cousin and maid of honor, and her boyfriend Nick

DSC_0981Rifeedin time!

DSC_1004RiSecond Line



DSC_1043RiThe Wedding Party

DSC_1052RiThe Campbell Family

DSC_1063RiThe Brown Family

DSC_1066RiLouisiana Family

DSC_1076Rime & the best maid of honor EVER.

My two week wedding vacation was amazing.  It was so great to spend time with my family I never see, and to have them hang out with my friends and just have a plain old good time.


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