Wedding Vacation part 2: The Wedding

So here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for, maybe.  Wedding photos.  We don’t have the professional photos back yet, but there are TONS of photos from family and friends.  So, without further ado:

Everyone in the wedding met at the Grand Lodge for lunch at noon.  That was my ploy to get them all there on time, so I could keep tabs on ’em.


DSC_0027i Me & my new mother in law, Sherri


My mom putting on the pearls my dad gave her on their wedding day


Faux & Mike getting ready


I’m attempting to put on mom’s corsage.  I had an issue with it and someone else had to do it.



Katie and her mama, Darcy, who came all the way from Montana cause she loves me.



Cam and Aunt Linda


Nick and Kristin


Me & Uncle Brad


I tied my mom and dad’s wedding rings to my bouquet to have a piece of my dad with me.


Little Miss Shauna


Aaron, mom’s super cool man friend, and my mom


Me just mere minutes before the wedding


We had a champagne toast before the ceremony, with just the bridesmaids and bridesman.  Then we made a run for it.  We had to get from one building to another without anyone seeing us.  Well, that didn’t happen but we made it to the starting point.  We had about 10 minutes before the ceremony, and I was feelng the pressure.  Krisitin went and got me a nice big glass of ice water.  I definitely needed it.  I didn’t really get to see the ceremony unfold, but from what I could see, it was awesome and people were enjoying it.  Once Michael and Kristin stared walking out I felt like I was gonna pass out.  I had a tight grip on Cameron’s arm and I couldn’t stop crying.  My song came on, David Bowie’s As the World Falls Down from the Labyrinth soundtrack.  Rob picked it out.  I wish I had a little more control over my emotional state, cause in all the photos I look like I’m sad.


Rob and his posse, entering to The Final Countdown

P1050861Katie and Chelsea rocking down the aisle.  My girls and guy came down to Be My Baby by The Ronnettes.


Shauna and Katrina sashay-ing down the aisle


Kristin & Michael, my maid of honor and my bridesman


Me &  brudder


Rob singing his vows.  For those of you who weren’t there, Rob sang Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love as his vows.  Mike held up posterboard with the lyrics on it, Trip Chris and Sherri all played the uke and the guitar, and Brenda John and Faux played the kazoo.  It was pretty rad.  The audience even sang along.


Katrina’s mom took this one.  Katrina was more of a crying mess then I was.


After the ceremony Rob and I stood at the top of the steps to the Children’s Cottage, where the reception was, to greet all of our guests.  It was in the high 90’s and about 6:00, it was frickin hot.  The line of people coming in was insanely long, and for a second I though did we actually invite all these people?  And we did.  I don’t know how long it took to get through all the people, but I think the only way we survived was by the nice people bringing us glasses of water that we chugged right there on the spot (thanks Mike and Jenny!).  Soon after that dinner was served.  But before dinner was served we were told by the bartender that we had met our hosted limit on the bar and that people were going to have to start paying for their drinks.  He seemed pretty impressed that the limit was met before dinner was even served.  Originally we were going to have the bar open to beer and wine, and I’m now eternally grateful that we didn’t do that or we’d be so in debt that we’d have to sell the car or something.  Way to go boozey friends!

DSCN2139ihungry bride!


Aunt Karen and Uncle Jimmy


J and Amanda



Baby corner.  While the downstairs had central ac the upstairs just had window units.  It was really unfortunate because the buffet was up there and that’s where everyone had to eat.  Sorry guys!


Ted made our cake topper, which was totally awesome of him.  We got a lot of complements on it.  We also got a lot of



Mike makes his toast, and refrences my “sweet tits”.  Awesome.


Kristin told stories of me copying her every move when we were kids.  Kristin, I only wanted to copy you cause you were so cool!


This is Katrina prefacing her toast with a disclaimer: “I know what you’re all thinking, and no, there will not be any profanity in my toast”.  And there wasn’t.


But she did make Rob cry.


And then Cameron really made me cry.


And my new mother in law, Sherri, performed on her uke and sang the Hawaiian Wedding Song.  She was a big hit.


We were going to dance to Elvis  Presley’s Love Me Tender, but apparently we forgot to put it on our disc.  So instead we settled with a wedding staple, Etta James’s At Last.


We made it official with the sigining of the certificate.


Not sure what happened here.


Oh Katrina.


Shauna hitting on my new father in law, Joe.


I think this is adorable.


Kris V. and Nikki


The Neujhar (spelling?) family


Trip and Lara

I really don’t know which of the following photos is better:




Me & the Baden kids


Me & my moms


Katrina and her brother Rhett, who is a fantastic dancer.


William and Katie

DSCN4152iBrandon and Kristin



Wow.  Thanks to all who contributed to the delinquency of my underage brother, later he’ll regret his drunken adventure.

At some point we got a mad dance party started.  I think it began when Rob and Trip challenged Cameron and Jared to a dance off.


I’m not sure who won in the end, but based on this photo you can tell it was quite a match.

DSCN2156iNick is a silly, silly man.

IMG_2238It was one hot dancing mess.


I really got a kick out of the guys taking off their suits, but leaving their ties on.

IMG_2243My brother and my husband, quite the pair when it comes to dancing.

It was insanely hot in there with everyone dancing, and I’m not sure if the heat was a contributing factor to this, but the power went out for about 10 seconds in the middle of Love Shack.  Our dj, Phantom Hillbilly did a great job  on recovering the song when the power came back on.  Some of the best moments of the entire day were had on that dance floor.  One of them being when The Faces Ooh La La came on and Trip grabbed his guitar and played along.


The two other moments were when David Bowie’s Modern Love came on, one of my all time favorite songs, and when Come Sail Away by Styx came on.  Everyone circled around Rob and I while we danced our asses off.  Possibly the best thing that happened that night was the very last song.  We wanted Come Sail Away by Styx to be the last song of the night.  What happened during that song was a mash up of the scene in Freaks and Geeks when that song plays at a school dance, and any choreographed dance scene from a teen movie.  None of it was actually choreographed, it just happened.  It was pure awesomeness and the best dance party ever.  That was one of the things I wanted most at our wedding, an awesome dance party, and I got it.

IMG_2233iOver all it was the best day ever.  Hands down.  The only way it could’ve gotten better was if David Bowie himself had sung me down the aisle.  We had so many people there who love us and who helped us out (shout out to all the girls who helped set up, Amy& Leah, Sarah & Angie, you guys saved the day and I’m eternally grateful for all of you!  And a HUGE thank you to our parents, who funded this!).  The one thing I would do differently if we did it all over again would be to stop for a minute and just focus on what was happening around me.  The day goes by so damn fast and before you know it it’s over.  So my advice to those getting married is take it all in whenever you can.

The next morning everyone who stayed the night met for lunch.  It was a nice lunch with everyone telling stories of the night before.  Apparently Cameron had so much to drink he yacked all over the place shortly after he was fed a burger.  It made total sense, the first drink I saw him with was a white Russian.  He’s 18, he doesn’t know any better.  Mike lost his camera, and after spending some time in the nasty heat retracing his drunken steps he found it.





This picture pretty much sums up how most everyone was feeling.  Just plain tired.

Now it’s time to play wife.

Wedding vacation is not over yet!  Coming soon is our beach adventure, stay tuned!!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Vacation part 2: The Wedding

  1. Don’t want for this to sound trite, but it really was one of the happiest days of my life. So many friends there who have been suffering losses and hardships of all kinds, and they couldn’t possibly have been having a greater time– whether thrashing around on the dancefloor, or bowing reverently before you guys in time with Styx, or Hillbilly letting the vinyl lurch back into the dance party with a “WRRRRRWWRWRWRWRWWRWRWRRRR” when the electricity came back on. Best, most gratifying and emotionally inspiring wedding I’ve ever been to in my life. Like, I cried n’ shit. And I don’t do that unless I mean it.


  2. I would have to agree with Greg. I’ve said it several times before that it was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had. The Hillbilly vinyl restart was awesome, and I completely forgot about me playing that guitar. I’m also quite happy to say that I started the bowing fiasco and sang a ripping rendition of “White Lines”. What a guy I am. Seriously though, it was incredible to have all those friends there at the same time and I loved watching Rob and Erin have such a great time.

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