Wedding Vacation Part 3: Arch Cape

This is the final installment in my Wedding Vacation Series.  My mom had arranged for us to go stay at the coast for a couple of days in a house her friend owns.  We left on Tuesday and stopped in Cannon Beach for a while and hit the farmers market for some fresh produce for dinner.  Then we made our way down to the beach.



DSC_0583RiHusband and Wife on a mini honeymoon

DSC_0587iRob, the manchild, romping through the ocean.

005_5iRob and Cam.  I took this one with my Holga.


DSC_0596RiFamily portrait time

DSC_0598Riand again.

Then we made our way to Arch Cape, where our house was.  Arch Cape is just south of Cannon Beach before Manzanita.  The house was about a minute long walk to the beach, where only other beach house dwellers were.  Before you actually reached the sandy part of the beach there was a hill of giant river stones and lots of old driftwood to have beach fires at night.  When you enter the beach the first thing you see is the giant rocky cliff just to the left.  There was also a small creek running along the bottom of the cliff into the ocean.  Rob’s main objective this trip was to dam up the creek.



Cameron was throwing giant river rocks into the ocean.  I tried and didn’t do very well.

DSC_0619RiMe and my boys.

DSC_0624RiWe found lots of cool treasures including this clam shell that was still fully in tact.

DSC_0628iRiver rocks.


DSC_0639iRob and Cam pretending to have a bad time.




For dinner we had tacos and lots of wine.  We also had a big game night planned.  Brenda and her brother and his girlfriend were staying nearby in Manzanita so they came and joined us for games.  We had great fun playing games.  After we were done, we all went down to the beach for a night time beach fire.  Brenda and I shared some really good girl talk at the edge of the water beneath the shooting stars.  BTW Brenda, if you’re reading this, I need those pics of you and me and Rob on the beach.  It was a pretty great night filled with family and friends.

The next morning it was pretty foggy, and the tide was low.  Rob and I set out on an adventure around the cliff to find the arch of Arch Cape.  Not only did we find the arch, but we found tide pools full of sea life.





I stole Cameron’s hip hat for the morning.




DSC_0699iThis is the inside of the arch of Arch Cape.




After our adventure we went back to the beach and began the task at hand, building a dam.



In the end, the dam was pretty useless.  In the process of building the dam we managed to widen the river quite a bit.  It was a nice way to spend the day, I suppose.  We are no engineers that’s for sure.

For dinner we had salmon, tuna, and halibut.  We decided to eat on the beach around the fire.




After dinner we had our last round of smores and then headed in for another rousing night of games.  After this trip Bananagrams has become my new favorite game.


You can see how burnt I got the day before.  And, yes, I like my marshmallows burnt.


The next morning Cameron, Michael and Jenny got up at 3:30 in the morning and went to Astoria to go deep sea fishing.  They came back around noon with 30 pounds of salmon.  On our way home we ate lunch at Mo’s.  Aunt Karen had found a full sand dollar on the beach before we left, and put it on the hood of my moms car while packing and forgot it was there.  We drove all the way to Mo’s and she remembered she left it there, and we all thought it was gone.  It was still there, in perfect condition.


All in all our beach trip was pretty great.  It was a very nice ending to our time with the family.  The following Saturday they would all leave and head back home to New Orleans.  I’m still trying to convince Michael and Jenny to move here, they love it so much.

The following Monday I would go back to work and have one of the worst days ever.  That Friday I will give my two weeks notice.  Now I’m on vacation indefinitely.


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