Beverly Beach camping greatness

So here are photos from our camping trip to Beverly Beach.

Rob and I left early so we could go to  the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  If I haven’t said it before, I love love aquariums.  I love sea life.  Aquariums make me happy.




DSC_0224iRob and the otter

DSC_0228ime & the seals!

DSC_0234iI wish this guy would’ve come down from the ceiling so I could get a better look.


After the aquarium we drove the 7 miles north to Beverly Beach.  We set up our tent and went down to the beach.


DSC_0263iThere was kelp all over the beach.

DSC_0272iThis picture makes me giggle, cause Rob looks so manly with an axe.



For the dinner Rob and I brought I marinated some chicken and a steak for Rob, and I roasted red potatoes in EVOO and balsamic vinegar and garlic pepper.  Dee-lish!

DSC_0281iWarriors, come out and plaaay.

DSC_0290iAfter dinner we took a walk down the beach.

DSC_0294iMike found a jellyfish.

DSC_0296iIt was pretty cool looking.  It was completely see through.  Mike threw it back in the ocean.

DSC_0302iWe walked down the beach a little further and found a row of crevasses in the sand.  We thought there might be some tide pools, but no.


DSC_0313iMike walked over to the sandbar, where after this photo was taken he lost a flip flop to the ocean.  This is one of my favorite shots from the trip.


DSC_0318iMike displays his one flip flop.

DSC_0321iKelp King

DSC_0323iOn our way back we found this piece of treasure.  It’s not that clear, but in the upper left hand corner there are boobies.  I swear we did not do this.

DSC_0329iThen it was smores time!


DSC_0338iI made fun of Rob for his silly head flash light, but I later came to love it.

DSC_0341iBreakfast times!

DSC_0344iLeah made this egg, pepper, sausage,  and spinach and it was good.

DSC_0345iWe spent the day in Newport, and the weather was absolutely perfect.


DSC_0359iWe hung out on the pier for a while and listened to the sea lions bark.

DSC_0366iPortrait time!


DSC_0371iWe went to the Undersea Gardens where a diver goes in and feeds the sea life and tells you all about them.


DSC_0376iThen we went to the wax museum.  It was odd.  And this picture is a perfect example of why.

DSC_0383iLeah said “I better not get frigid!”.  She did.

DSC_0398iNot sure which is creepier, the expression on my face or Frodo’s.

DSC_0411iWe also went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  There was this tunnel and the walls spun around and around and it makes you feel like you’re spinning.  It’s crazy.

DSC_0427iI sort of wish this was real.  It’s considered the world’s greatest hoax.

DSC_0449iWe went back to camp and Leah made her dinner for us.  Chili.  Good chili.  With cornbread, fritos and cheese.  So so good.

DSC_0453iThen we walked on the beach, the other way.


DSC_0458iFound another jelly.

DSC_0463iGroup photo!




DSC_0480iMore smores!

DSC_0482iMike and Leah brought glow sticks, which were fun.  And Mike broke one and it spilled all over him.

That night it rained.  It rained the next morning.  All our chairs were wet, our wood was wet.  Rob and I couldn’t make our breakfast of pancakes.  So we packed up and made our way to Newport and had breakfast at Pig ‘n Pancake, an Oregon coast staple.

Despite the rain our trip was pretty awesome.  Next time, I want my own head flash light.


One thought on “Beverly Beach camping greatness

  1. There’s a Pig ‘n Pancake out on SE 122nd and it freaks me out because I had never seen one anywhere but the OR coast.

    These pictures actually make me wish that I enjoyed camping. Alas…

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