back to life…back to reality

You know when you’re full cause you ate too much pizza, but you really wanna eat those gummy sharks you have?  That’s my dilemma right now.  Should I eat the sharks?  Chances are, by the end of writing this I will have eaten all of them.


Isn’t this adorable?

So, about a month-ish  ago I quit my job.  Plan was, I was gonna be unemployed until Rob and I opened our business (I’ll explain that at a later date).  Well, after a couple of weeks I told Rob I was gonna try and get a seasonal job wherever I could.  Well, turns out the universe is on my side.  My friends Brad Bush works at CDBaby and told me that they were looking for seasonal customer service peeps.  I sent my resume in immediately and got a call back the very next morning (Friday).  I had two over the phone interviews and was hired.  So here I am, I’ve just finished day 2 of training.  My job is to answer phones and emails.  Normally I don’t care for any customer situation, but I knew what CDBaby was cause I remember my dad ordering from them a lot.  He liked to support the little guys.  I knew that some cool people worked there cause Brad told me so, so I wasn’t scared.  At first.  Then I thought about it and realized these are all music geeks that live in Portland.  Then I thought, I have no business being there, I know nothing about the music industry or hip obscure bands.  But after two days, so far, with these people I feel somewhat confident that I can stumble my way through a conversation with them.  I’m pretty intimidated by the work.  I know I’m just answering phones and emails, but I only know a teeny tiny bit about their system and I don’t wanna fuck anything up.  I also know that it’ll get easier as time goes by.  All in all, I think this is gonna be a pretty great job.  I’ve already learned a ton about the industry, and I’m only gonna learn more.   Shit, I know what a fuckin ISRC is.  Do you?  Didn’t think so.

I should thank Brad for letting me know about this opportunity.  It kinda saved us.

In other exciting news, I went to Plaid Pantry today to get sodas to have with pizza and as I walk in the door the main display is of Zapp’s potato chips.  I know you guys are like what the shit is that?  Zapp’s is to Louisiana as Kettle chips is to Oregon.  I haven’t seen Zapp’s chips since I was in Louisiana.  They only had one flavor available though, spicy creole tomato, which is just Tabasco flavored.  I’m pretty excited.  I hope we get more flavors here!

Let’s see what else.  Mike Baden had a pretty kick ass birthday party last weekend.  It was a talent show party and all the guests were asked to prepare an act for the show.  Rob did a “magic” show, and went by the name The Amazing Rob, the foul mouthed magician. His catch phrase was “check this shit out”, and after he did a trick he would say “fuckin A right?”.  Amy & Leah did a mama bird and hungry baby bird skit and the mama fed the baby, it was hilariously gross.  There were dance routines musicians playing.  The birthday boy played the accordion, and Shauna and I made a rap.  We recorded it the night before.  Shauna threw down some hip beats in Garage Band, and we laid down some sweet vocals on top.  It was sick, yo.  That’s how people in the music industry speak, right?  See, I’m getting there!  My other talent was that I made the cupcakes and frosting for the party from scratch.  They were yellow butter cupcakes with marshmallow frosting.


DSC_0072iShauna bought Mike a zebra print Snuggie for his birthday and I wanted to slap her for it.  I *hate* those things.

Here’s the slideshow with song that Shauna and I did, enjoy!

Mike put a short little video of the party together and put it on youtube.  Here it is:


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