cause you’ve all been dying to know what’s going on with me…

So, it’s been a while, and most of you already know that my new job at CD Baby did not work out.  It was a really cool place with cool people, but the job itself was just not for me.  I left on very good terms, in a messy way.  I was sick, and I ended up crying in the Human Resources girls office.  She was very understanding and told me to just pretend I was going on my lunch break and she’d talk to my supervisors later.  That was that.

Now I’m back to being unemployed, and I’m OK with that.  I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world.  I have the greatest and most supportive husband ever.  I get to stay at home all day and watch Friends and America’s Next Top Model and Roseanne.  It’s pretty great.  I’ve been trying to keep busy and get up at a reasonable hour.  I’ve also been doing other things like hanging out with my friends:


Milo and Amy had a barbeque and it was a lovely evening spent in their backyard.

DSC_0144EiAround the fire pit Milo built.

DSC_0146EiThey have a totally 70’s house.  It’s awesome.



DSC_0153iAnd clearly this is Amy’s doing.  I think every girl has a special place in their heart for Hello Kitty.

DSC_0168iRob recorded a podcast with David Ray and Lauren Goche, both visiting from California, former Portland residents.  You  can listen to the podcast here.

DSC_0521iA little over a month ago our friends Tony and Jenny Bevacqua met their newest addition, Augustus Ernesto.  He looks like a little old man.  I met him for the first time at our friends Tyson and Rachel Carpenter’s baby shower.

DSC_0529EiRachel didn’t want me to take her photo.

DSC_0197EiFast forward a few weeks later, and little Leo Marion Carpenter is here.  He arrived a little early, but is doing great and there was a “stare at the baby party” in his honor today.

DSC_0200EiCongrats to the Carpenters on their new family.

On a different, non-baby-related note, the chickens are molting.  When the chickens molt they lose a lot of their feathers and they don’t lay.  Since they’ve been molting they haven’t been squawking or jumping over the fence and visiting us at the back door.  Until today.  Funky, our oldest chicken, came pecking at the back door, looking like she had a case of the mange.  When the chickens molt they look sickly and kinda like they’re dying, but they also look ridiculously funny.  So I had to document it.


Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to season 5 of Friends.  Ross just said Rachel’s name at the alter, and Phoebe is about to give birth to her brother’s triplets.


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