Ziggy played guitar, but I don’t

Today as I’m dong my daily routine of being a couch potato and channel surfing I came across Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars on a channel I didn’t know we had.  I watched it, for the umpteenth time, and came to the realization that I want to be Ziggy Stardust, or some form of David Bowie for halloween.  But, I’ve already purchased my “Joan Holloway” dress.  Well, I’m gonna be Bowie on Friday for the Boiler Room party (and I will attempt to sing all my favorite Bowie songs for hearing pleasure), and Joan Holloway on Saturday at our house party (invites will be sent out shortly).  My problem now is I don’t know what to wear to be David Bowie.  I searched through photos from the Ziggy performances, trying to find something not so scandalous.  That’s hard.  Some of the shit he wore was just ridiculous, but I have an undying love for him and his music.



I’d rather not have my ass hanging out, thankyouverymuch.


If I did cocaine I would probably consider this.


DavidBowie_Sukita2This was the most doable for me.  Look how sassy he is!  Now, where can I find a striped space suit and knee high red boots?  I think I need to give Kris V. a call, she’s prolly got this very thing lying around her apartment.  For those who don’t know who Kris V. is, she is a friend and a totally rad chick who costumes everyone in the fine city of Portland.  With her help, hopefully, I think I can pull this off.

This is gonna be awesome.


2 thoughts on “Ziggy played guitar, but I don’t

  1. Bowie is the shizz. For my costume karaoke bday in LA the theme is “The Future”, and I’ve been told by several people to be Alladin Sane-era Bowie. I wanted to do something a little more THX-1138 instead.

    Good luck with your costume. You’re right about Kris V!

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