It’s been a long time coming

On Monday October 26th, Team Awesome finally took the cake.

Our first game, against Shakaka, was played fast and loose and in the end we killed ’em 8-2.



Our second game was against Shenanigans, and it went similarly to the first game.  In the end the score was 8-4.

DSC_0384ELook at that, we’re about to unleash the fury that is Team Awesome.

Our third and last game was against some old rivals, and a team we really had to beat.  This was it.  It was the green team, or Get Outta Dodgeballs.  I think we were all feeling pretty good and ready to go at that point, having had two games to get us fired up and well oiled.  If I remember correctly, we came out looking pretty good with a few wins, then they caught up.  I did get scared and panic a little.  I remember thinking, I’m sure everyone on Team Awesome was thinking this, we cannot give this away again.  I swear every time we won, they would come back and win the next one.  There were a couple of hiccups, usually involving a guy I referred to as whitey.  He’s got a mad case of numb body/Ican’tfeelanythingthattouchesme.  He was hit a few times and didn’t go out.  But it’s cool, if you like to cheat then cheat.  That just means we’re gonna be aiming for you next go around.  The last game came down to a tie at 6 each.  This was it.  And we fucking did it.  It was a pretty great feeling.  Still is.  Even the ref was happy for us, he’s been reffing us since the beginning and has watched us lose it at the very end every season.  We received a $50 gift certificate to Santa Fe, the sponsor bar and had our victory photo taken.  We were missing one of our own, Katrina.  She was on a plane coming back from visiting the University of Texas in Austin.  We played well for her, and I know she was incredibly bummed that she couldn’t be there.


After reveling in our victory for a bit, we went off to Santa Fe for some celebratory nachos.





Other teams congratulated us, bought us beer, and chatted with us for a while.  We had an excellent night, complete with a well deserved victory.

Check out the final standings and little blurb about our victory (take note of the photo they used, NOT the actual victory photo, but the beginning of the season photo which I wasn’t there for).

Also check out my teammate Brad’s blog in a couple of days cause he’s always got something great to say about our games.

Team Awesome Champs!

Great season Team Awesome, let’s do it again guys!


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