Baby, let's play house



Wow!  The past day and a half have been a whirlwind adventure.  Friday night was the Boiler Room Halloween party.    I went as David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust, and my entire costume was found in the basement.  It came out pretty great, I’m pretty proud.  I picked up Katrina, well I waited for her to finish getting ready for a while, then we left.  But, in her defense she always goes all out with her halloween makeup and it always looks awesome.  This year she was Medusa.  I helped Rob put his costume together very shortly before he left for work.  He ended up being Conan the Barbarian, Retired.

Funnily enough, Amy showed up as Medusa too.  They both looked amazing.

Katie O as Charlie Brown.

Amy & Andy as Dexter and Medusa.

Conan the Barbarian, retired.

A screensaver Rob created to put on the t.v. in between songs.

“So where were the spiders…”

This guy was something special.

That’s my husband!

This is Amanda, the new bartender, as Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

I know it’s just a mask, but it scares the crap outta me.

Maddie the loofah.

Kris V. is sexy cop.

We are quite the couple.

Hey ladieeeees!

A kinda creepy Ronald McDonald/Mike with Trina.

Shauna as Olive from Little Miss Sunshine.  She’s a super freak, super freak!

It was a great night, and a pretty good kick off to a very busy next 24 hours.

Rob and Shauna and myself met Mike & Leah at Brad & Joy’s apartment at 1:00, and moved them into their new house.  I took pictures of the inside of their house, which is frickin’ awesome, but I’m gonna let them share them with you.  Here’s the happy home-owning couple:

Immediately following moving, Rob and I went to Tony and Jenny’s kids halloween party for kids, where Rob performed a magic show.  It was pretty funny to watch Rob “make magic” and have the kids be amazed by what he’s done, or have the one kid who’s old enough call him out on his fake tricks.

…then it was time for our party.  This time I was Joan Holloway of Mad Men.  And Rob was, well, he was “Joan Holloway” too.

This was the first of three different costumes Rob would wear throughout the night.  Whenever anyone asked what he was he would say either Joan Holloway, or Erin.  And in a high pitched shrill voice he would pretend to be me scolding him.  Shitty thing was, there are no pictures of me dressed up.

Mariana made this kick ass shark costume.

Heather as the Morton Salt girl.

Mike is Ronald McDonald Trump.

Cameron and Brady are Pimp and Duck.

Greg and his friend (I’m a terrible hostess and forgot her name!) as zombie bikers.

Natalie and Jared.

The Evil Jensen’s!

The Candy Kid and his lovely lady.

Happy Bunny, who handed out notecards that read “Hi. Eat me.  Sincerely, Happy Bunny”, and Nick Fury from comic books, I’m told.

Katrina as Jon Benet Ramsey, dead.  I don’t want to share what her slogan was.

John Meyers as creepy Uncle Batman.

Jordi as Poison Ivy and Ted as the thing from the movie Trick or Treat, haven’t seen it yet, but I think it might be a little disturbing.

Joy came as a new homeowner and left as Frank, from Roadway Package Systems.

Jason Rouse and Tori Zanzalari

Rob in costume #2

Aaaand costume #3.

We had a pumpkin outside for everyone to sign.  If you look closely or zoom in if you can, you can see the inappropriate thing Katrina/Jon Benet wrote.

The night ended right about the time the clocks turned from 2 to 1.  The party was a success and I think it may have been the best Halloween.  That is until I was getting ready for bed.  I noticed my lips had swelled up quite a bit.  They’re still a little swollen as I write this.  i may have been allergic to the lipstick I wore.