Rejected. AGAIN.

This is for anyone who has been denied anything.  This is for anyone who has been denied the right to pay a ‘reasonable’ amount of money for a service that could better their health.

Hey, government!  What the fuck is the problem?  Why the hell is it so fucking hard for you to come to an agreement on how to provide a decent healthcare system to everyone is this country?  And hey, Blue Cross and LifeWise!  Go fuck yourselves.

(And yes, I realize by mentioning the names of these companies, this blog will probably be flagged for them to read.  I. Don’t. Care.)

I’ve lived what I would call a fairly privileged life.  My parents gave my brother and myself everything we needed and, or, wanted.  I’ve never realized what a privilege it is to have health coverage.  Until the age of 21 I was covered by the government (my dad was in the Coast Guard).  I, then, had to find health insurance on my own.  I applied with Blue Cross and was accepted immediately.  I went to the doctor when I was sick.  I saw my dermatologist on a regular basis for my eczema and psoriasis.  All while paying just a $20 co-pay.

In my 3+ years of coverage with Blue Cross I had a few hiccups with my health.  A broken elbow (thank you Rob), and heart palpitations, a smaller than pea sized benign cyst in my thyroid (which I had forgotten about until today!) and an inner ear infection all at the same time.  I saw a cardiologist, an E.N.T. and my regular practitioner for all of this and in the end the palpitations were nothing, just palpitations, and the inner ear infection was cured with steroids, and the cyst was so incredibly small that when I went in for a biopsy they decided not to do it cause it was harmless.

When applying, or re-applying for health insurance they want to know every damn thing you’ve had and or dealt with ever.  So I was honest when I re-applied for coverage Blue Cross.  I checked every little box of symptoms, problems, what-have-you’s that I’ve been treated for.  Which meant eczema, psoriasis, depression, heart condition.  Well, when I applied for coverage again in May they threw all of that in my face with a big fat denial.  They stated that my “conditions were not within the coverage guidelines”.  Are you serious?  You covered every single thing you listed!  I called them and asked them what could I do to fix this and they said re-apply and send in all my medical records.  Well, I did that the first time and it didn’t seem to do much good.  So I filed a complaint with the State of Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services.  After nearly 3 months of waiting I received a letter in the mail stating that Blue Cross did nothing wrong in denying me, and suggested, like Blue Cross did, that I look into the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool.  I really thought that the state would stand by me.  I guess I’m that naive.

In between filing a complaint against Blue Cross and waiting for a response, I applied with LifeWise.  I thought I wouldn’t have a problem here.  On the same day I got the letter from the S.O.D.B.C.S., I got a letter from LifeWise asking for more information regarding my heart ‘condition’, and psoriasis.  Now, I understand why they would freak out over a heart condition, especially having a family history of heart disease and having my dad die from supposed heart failure.  They had a page of questions they wanted addressed.  I typed up the answers all professional like, and photocopied all the records from my cardiologist and sent them in.  After over a month I got a letter saying they were collecting my records from my regular practitioner.  After about two weeks I finally got my answer.  The envelope I’ve been looking for everyday in my mailbox.  It was thin.  I prepared myself for a letdown.

It read: “We carefully reviewed your application and/or any available LifeWise claims history.  We are unable to offer you coverage, based on the following condition(s):

Your ongoing history of multiple thyroid cysts as listed in the medical history is outside of our guidelines and we are unable to offer you coverge.

Your medical history profile contains risk factors that exceed our criteria for acceptable risk.”

OH. MY. GOD.  Are you fucking kidding me?  “Your ONGOING HISTORY of MULTIPLE (!) thyroid cysts”!!!!!  That was actually in bold type too.  They really wanted to get that point across.  I am so fucking pissedoffangryreadytokillsomebody right now.  How is anyone supposed to get healthcare coverage?  I consider myself a healthy person, but jesus christ, if I can’t get coverage who the fuck can?

Why isn’t this fixed yet, and what the hell do I have to do to help move this whole “what do we do about healthcare thing” along?  It seems like common sense to me to have a public option, right?  I just, I have no words right now.  I can’t believe I live in a “free country” where I can’t freely get healthcare coverage.  I suppose if I got sick I’d have to decide wether or not I’m sick enough to justify going to the doctor and getting antibiotics.

You know, you might cringe while reading this but who cares right?  For movie night last week we watched Saw VI.  Yeah, I know.  This one had a plot line of a health insurance executive having to choose which one of his co-workers and family members lived or died based on his formula.  It was a shitty situation to say the least, but that’s exactly what these fuckers are doing.  They’re using some shitty fucking formula that some asshole made up to decide who gets it and who doesn’t.

People are losing their houses, going bankrupt because they don’t have healthcare coverage.  THIS IS NOT OK.  Granted, I’m not in that position, and I don’t have a life threatening disease, but what about those people that do?  Or what if there’s an accident?  I’m not sitting here being paranoid and living my life in fear of getting hit by a car or anything, but shit, what if it happened?  We’d be fucked.

C’mon President Obama, get this shit fixed.  This is why I voted for you.  This is a make or break it situation and you’re on the verge of breaking it.  Fix it now.  Until then, I’ll just keep trying other providers in the hopes that someone will take my money.

And because I can’t blog without posting a photo, my nephew Asher.


2 thoughts on “Rejected. AGAIN.

  1. I hope Oprah is reading. She will make DAMN sure you get the coverage you need. I’m sorry, sweetie. This really is fargging ridiculous.

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