4 things that need to be recognized

Here’s some things that have happened in the last week that are significant.  To me anyway.

Item 1.

Shauna moved out.  Shauna has lived with us since July of 2008.  She’s been through every aspect of our lives with us and us with hers.  She was the best roommate ever.  And I mean it. She was my t.v. watching buddy, she was my wine drinking wind down girlfriend and I miss it.  It’s only been a week and I miss her.  This is the first time Rob and I have lived alone.  It’s going to be good for us as well for Shauna.  Here’s a picture of her adorable house where she and little puppy Murray reside now.

If you look close you can see Rob in the door.  A little creepy.

Item 2.

The same day we moved Shauna out we had lunch with Rob’s side of the family because his brother, Chris, and his wife, Kristin, came down from Everett WA for a visit with their 3 month old, Asher.  It was the first time Asher would meet his Great Grandmother, Betty.  We took lots of family photos including the four generations.

Rob’s dad, Joe, Rob’s brother Chris, and Joe’s mom, Betty, and of course little Asher sleeping through it all.

I like this one, even though I don’t think any of them are looking at the camera.

A very proud Grandma Sherri.

Item 3.

On Sunday February 7th the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl.  Now, if you’re bored by sports, I’m sorry-skip this part.  This was huge.  I mean HUUUUGE for the city of New Orleans, for my family.  I could go on forever and ever on what this means but I won’t because I think Wynton Marsalis put it beautifully in this tribute he wrote.  During the game we were all hooting and hollering and moved to tears as the Saints won.  I wished I was in New Orleans to celebrate, to feel the energy that only that city can provide.  The video below is a pretty good idea of how crazy it was, and provides you with the “Who Dat” cheer.

For our Super Bowl party I made homemade gumbo, and red beans and rice.  My Aunt Karen shipped me a King Cake, and I made fleur de lis sugar cookies and Rob iced them in the Saints colors, black & gold (Big thanks to Joy for the fleur de lis cookie cutter!).

Rob and I made these shirts and sported my fleur de lis earrings and necklace for good luck.

This was the front page of the Times Picayune, the New Orleans newspaper.  Isn’t Drew Brees dreamy?

It really was an amazing evening, and I’m so glad I got to witness this.  I wish my dad was here to see this, though.  Like many big things that happen in our world that he’s not here for, this is one that I’m sure he would’ve loved to have seen.

Item 4.

Valentine’s day.

Now, we’ve never really done anything huge for valentine’s day.  The usual, dinner and a movie or dinner and desert, usually gelato.  But this year Rob outdid himself.

First of all, I got up long before Rob and the dogs so I was downstairs watching some t.v.  Diego came barreling down the stairs and leapt onto the couch like he does every morning, with this stapled to his BOW TIE!  He was soon followed by little Rita who was wearing a black doggie dress (!!!!) that was too small for her barrel chest.  I took the dogs out for a walk and when I came back Rob had set out my gifts.  Some of which he claims aren’t really valentine’s gifts, he just thought it was a good excuse to give them to me.  Those gifts included Labyrinth on Blue Ray, the entire Band of Brothers miniseries, a begonia plant, a set of red plastic champagne flutes and these:

Dollar Store knock off Precious Moments (which I have a huge collection of, Precious Moments not Dollar Store rip offs).  He colored the girls hair red and gave the little boy a beard.  Adorable right?

Then came the date surprise.  He told me to go look in the trunk of the car for a hint as to what our date is.  I should have taken a picture of what I found.  In the trunk was a stack of poster board with targets drawn on them.  We were going to the shooting range.

A few weeks ago at the Boiler Room I had expressed interest to Dustin, the bartender and friend of ours, in shooting a gun.  Now, this is pretty new for me.  I’ve always been one of those people who was afraid of guns.  I had a gun pulled on me when I was 10(?) and living in New Orleans.  I never thought in a million years that I’d actually want to shoot a gun.  Dustin, who grew up in Estacada, said he owns his own guns and he’d be more than happy to help teach us how to shoot.  So, Rob found a shooting range in Clackamas near Costco.  It’s actually the practice range for police officers.  And we went with a borrowed 22mm from Dustin.

We had to watch a video on how to do things and how not to do things once your in the room.  We also had to take a quiz and sign all kinds of stuff.  Once we got in there it was a little bit terrifying.  There were people shooting all around us and every time I heard a shot, I jumped.  Some people had some pretty powerful guns and ammo.  I could feel my eyebrows vibrate when they shot.  We loaded, rather we attempted to load our gun.  You see, neither of us remembered how Dustin showed to remove the clip.  We eventually figured it out and got it done.

I wanted Rob to go first cause I was still scared.  He emptied the clip and it was my turn.  I was pretty nervous.  I shot my first shot and hit the ceiling.  A no-no at the shooting range.  Oh well.  After that I did pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

It was exhilarating.  It was better than I thought it would be.  With every shot came a little jolt back, and a spark from the barrel, and a shell flying over your shoulder.  Holding it took some getting used to.  I did feel like I was being too stiff with it.  I was thinking, at times, about how many guns were in that room and how easy it was for some crazy fuck to , uh, go crazy.  It was a little frightening having that kind of power in my hands.  Now I sound like the crazy one.  It’s a strange feeling.

It was so much fun.  I was ear to ear with happiness.

This is Rob shooting the “Happy Valentine’s Heart” target he made.  The lady in the stall next to us complimented him on it.

This is Rob’s target.  I know it’s his cause I did better.

And this is mine.  I know it’s mine cause I shot it in the neck and Rob mistook it for his and shot it on the 5’s.  Look at that black dot in the center!  I hit that thing!

We both took our turn on this one.

All in all, this was the best valentine’s day EVER!  Top that bitches!

And these next photos are just photos I wanted to share of the dogs.  They’re so adorable.  They really are.

This one’s backlit so the pups are shadowed, but I just love how their little personalities show up in this.

And my little Deej.  How great is this?  He looks so sweet here, I just love it!


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