Getting Laid Off and the Effects of a Crappy Boss

I was laid off of my on again, off again, job on May 21st.  Today its July 13th.  I have yet to receive an unemployment check.  I filed for unemployment the day after I was laid off.  You see, my boss and I were playing phone tag all day long.  I assumed he had a question about an order r something to that effect.  Once I was actually able to answer his call, illegally (I was driving through the Target parking lot), he told me that since “the workflow was slowing down he needed to downsize and that meant eliminating my position”.   I said OK.  And that was that.  I then went to my moms to cry.  I’ve never been let go from a job in my life.  And I felt like there was more to D’s (I may hate him right now, but I’m trying to be the bigger person here, so we’ll just call him D) story than just a slow workflow.  I wasn’t wrong.

About a month ago I called the unemployment office because it had been over a month and I hadn’t received a check yet.  Well, due to my stupidity and never having to deal with unemployment checks I didn’t file a weekly  claim.  Ever.  I probably should’ve read that little book they sent me, but I didn’t.  Anyhoo, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because D fought against my claim.  His first reasoning was that I was temporary, which I did not know.  Thanks for telling me, D!  Really appreciate that!  I thought from the day I was laid off that this was just his grand plan.  That’s why he lied to me about sending in my health insurance application, which he never did BTW.  This was going to be his way of not having to pay me anymore money, ever.  Well, of course I argued against this.

Fast forward to July 12th.  It’s 9:30 in the morning and the unemployment office calls me.  It’s the lady handling my case and she’s calling me to tell me what bullshit D has spewed this time.  First of all she asks me if I can verify the date I was fired.  Fired?  Fired?  FIRED??  I said “no ma’am, I was laid off on May 21st.  Not fired.”  According to D I was “warned about my poor job performance”, and while I was on vacation “many orders were returned for poor print quality”.  First of all, I was never warned about my poor job performance, because frankly my job performance was never poor.  And all those orders that were returned while I was on vacation were printed by him.  Check the dates on the orders buddy!  Even if I had orders returned, so the fuck what.  Everyone has had orders returned, everyone.  Even in my last days there in August of last year when I quit, I worked my ass off.  I always did a good job, so I  wouldn’t have orders returned.

The last couple of months working there I was printing the pro accounts, which meant they even more nitpicky then regular customer.  I went and bought a binder and took notes from the girl whose position I was taking on every single pro account.  What colors they like, what kind of density, what kind of turn around time etc.  I knew the ins and outs of these people and what they wanted.  I had people who would request my printing because they liked the way I did it.  What I’m getting at is I was damn good at my job.

Just about an hour ago I got the mail and there was an envelope from the Unemployment Department.  I won.  I’m getting deserved money.  D’s unemployment insurance will go up, which is I’m sure what he was avoiding with all of this.  But the Findings of Fact listed really pissed me off.  1.) Claimant was employed by QSP from March 1, 2010 to May 21, 2010.  True.  2.) Claimant was discharged for unsatisfactory performance.  Really?  3.) Claimant made some errors on customer orders during her probationary period.  First of all, no I didn’t.  Secondly, probationary?  How could he blatantly lie like that?  It’s so incredibly fucked up that he can get away with this.  I know I’m getting the money and I should be happy, and I am.  But I will not let someone lie and tarnish my name.

Ugh.  I think I’m done.  Thanks for putting up with my angry rant.

And now a picture of my favorite chicken to leave on a happy note.


2 thoughts on “Getting Laid Off and the Effects of a Crappy Boss

  1. Wow. That sucks, dude. I’m glad you’re getting your money. But that just blows that he’d make up crap like that. If you want to tell him off, I’ll help. What a mother f**ker! I know his name, and I know where you worked. And I want so badly to post both here right now so that no one ever goes there again.

  2. Erin — an old boss of mine did this to a co-worker. They even had to have a hearing, so I’m glad your case didn’t go that far. It is my experience that most companies will do ANYTHING to keep from paying their employees what they deserve, including total fabrication. That has to be a crime — to lie to the State of Oregon, right?

    I’m glad you got the cash, but I would also be sore as hell that my employment reputation got drug through the mud.

    I’m glad to see Phyllis is still with us. The anti-cannibalism cream must be working!

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