Beach Club! at Arch Cape

First off, grab a snack.  This is gonna take a while.

Welcome to Beach Club.  The first rule of Beach Club is…uuhhhh…I don’t remember.  I do remember that there were a lot of rules.  Oooh!  I just remembered the second rule, manicures.  Yes manicures.  Everyone got a manicure.  Beach Club is about being awesome and doing great things.  Things like putting together a unicorn puzzle and taking self portraits that look like Janet Jackson.  There’s a lot of beach to cover so we’ll just get started.

Rob, Katrina and myself left Portland on Thursday and made our way to Arch Cape.  It’s located just south of Cannon Beach, just before Manzanita.  We rented the same house we stayed in last year after the wedding.  We were fully prepared for an amazing weekend.

After a quick jaunt on the beach we went back to the house for manicures.  I think this was Rob’s first.

After manicures we went to check out the creek, or ‘crick’ as Katrina insisted on calling it.  This is Katrina demonstrating how high she can jump.  Good grief.

And this is the creek that leads to the ocean.  It would be Katrina’s goal to hike the creek to ocean on this trip.

We drove into Cannon cause we had some time to kill before Jason and Shauna would show up later.  Katrina bought a dragon kite while we were there and she called him Sancho.

So.  High.  Up.

I found this pretty cool shell on the beach.

Meet Sancho.

Shauna and Jason arrived shortly after we had dinner.  Katrina and I had sort half assedly choreographed a dance for them.  It was pretty ridiculous.  While we were in Cannon we bought a puzzle to do.  We waited until they got there to put it together.

Finished product.  We did this in under an hour.

And then we made our way to the beach for the first camp fire of the trip.

We hung out for a while.  Had some s’mores.

The next day we had pancakes for breakfast, and played on the beach.

I’m not sure what happened to Katrina’s shoes, but they weren’t on her feet.  Rob, being the kind man he is, gave her a piggy back ride across the rocks.


Chelsea arrived shortly after lunch.  Katrina then decided it was time to swim in the creek.

This is the least embarrassing photo of her in the creek.  Your welcome, Katrina.

Chelsea received her manicure.  There was a mess of hot pink nails.

We made pizzas for dinner.  And shortly after we ate, the rest of the Beach Club rolled in.  Joy, Katie, Mike and Devo.  It was time to celebrate.  Celebrate what?  Who knows.  And who cares.  We were there to have a great time.  And that we did.

We set out for a camp fire.  It was better now that everyone was there.

It is tradition with Katie, Katrina and myself, that when we’re at a camp fire and Katie’s got a guitar we sing certain songs.  One of those songs happens to be one of Rob’s most hated songs ever.  I think everyone enjoyed singing along though.

Even Rob sang along.

We retired to the house and played some games.  First we played spoons, which was awesome.  Then we moved on to Apples to Apples cause everyone knew how to play it and at that point explaining a new game would’ve made anyone want to stab their eyeballs due to the belligerent-ness in the room.  Even Rob had enough special Kool-Aid to have his alter ego, Bob Ramble, come out.  Rob/Bob then explained RobCore to everyone and demonstrated a RobCore high five on Joy.

It really on consists of high fiveing the same hand over and over and over while yelling RobCore!  Yup.

After a long night of games it was bedtime.

Oh my.

The next morning we made sure to get up at a reasonable time to make breakfast and catch low tide.  We made deeeelicious breakfast burritos.  They were a big hit.  Then we hit the beach.  You see at low tide you’re able to go around the cliff and explore the tide pools and see starfish and anemones.

Beach Club 2010 Rulez!

While we were exploring the tide pools, Mike had us snatch up any rocks or sea shells we liked for a project he had for us later.

I found these.

We brought together our shells and gathered on the beach for Mike’s project, sand candles.  First, you dig a hole in the sand.  Then you put your shells and such in the sides of the hole.  Then, put the wick in and fill with wax!  That easy!  They came out pretty great.

Rob brought his Bart Simpson kite.  It didn’t last very long.

We ate some lunch and an amazing apple pie that Jason made.  In fact that’s what Katrina had for lunch, pie.  After her “lunch” she decided that another swim down the creek was a good idea.  This time with Katie.

I made my way to the beach to meet them.  When I got there I found Rob and a dog we had befriended earlier in the day whose name was Kody.  Kody Reynolds.  Kody was our beach dog.

Mikey and Devo were hanging out at the end of the creek.  He looked so adorable with his feet in the ocean playing his accordion.

I’m in a creek, oh yeah.  I got a stick, oh yeah.

Every time the girls would go in the water, Kody would follow them in.  Just to make sure they were OK.

He was the sweetest.  We love you and miss you Kody!  You’re the greatest.

For our last dinner we had tacos.  They were fantastic.  We set out for our last camp fire.

Tonight’s sing alongs included Rocky Racoon and Bad Moon Rising.

Jason had picked up some sparklers on the way, and had some old roman candles.  We had photo fun with them.

We would go back to the house to play games.  The best game of the weekend was played this night.  It was the draw the sentence game.  Someone writes a sentence.   The next person has to draw it.  Then the next person has to gather the sentence from the drawing.  There was some interesting stuff going around.

We also took self portraits of ourselves looking like Janet Jackson.  They were pretty funny.  I’ll just share the two best.

We ended the evening with an informal game of Would You Rather?  We all faded pretty quickly after that.  We got up early the next morning to clean and do laundry.  Our trip was over.

We had such an great time.  I’m so glad everyone was able to make it.  If any of you remember Beach Club rules let me know.  Also, I forgot to mention that a highlight of our trip was the song Can I Smell Yo Dick? Apparently this song was a hit a year ago.  We’re a little behind the times.

Anyhoo, thanks for an awesome weekend pals!


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