Being 19

I’ve just spent the better part of an hour on YouTube looking at videos, live and produced ones, of Sleater-Kinney.  Man, did that bring me back.

Let’s turn back the clock to 2002-2003.  Three 19 year old girls, fresh out of high school.  Hanging out at the 24 hour Starbucks, because they can’t get into bars, and probably the only 24 hour pool hall in the city that allowed smoking.  That was myself, Katie and Katrina.

Katie drove a red Subaru station wagon.  Katrina drove a 1984 baby blue Volvo, though it should be mentioned that the driver’s door was green.  It also had soft, plush leopard print seat covers.  I didn’t drive.  But it was OK cause Katie and I worked together at Kits Camera and Katrina hung out there with us while we worked.  Katie always wore an orange Nike visor, until the fateful night she left it at Everyday Music, and had just shaved her head for the first time.  Katrina had black hair and only one tattoo at the time.  I was a bottle blonde who wore too much eyeliner.  We were full of all the angst a 19 year old girl could have.

I really miss being 19.  I miss running around all hours of the night from Starbucks to the pool hall and then to Jack in the Box for the nightly chicken sandwich.  Hold the mayo.  I didn’t have bills to pay.  I had my first cell phone which was a pay as you go phone.  The only responsibility I had was to go to work.  Life was perfect.  And Sleater-Kinney provided the soundtrack.

While watching these all I could think of was riding in Katie or Katrina’s car singing at the top of our lungs.  After seeing these I was feeling a little nostalgic and wanted to share them.

This is a definite favorite, and one that they never played live.

Another ultimate fave.  They always played this one.

I loved this song sooo much that I Mod Podged the lyrics to an end table I was decorating.  Yay 19 year old Erin!

And this last one is still one of my favorite songs.  This recording is from their very last show, which we were not at.  Tickets sold out immediately.  This was the very last song they played live.

I guess I don’t want to be 19 again, but it sure was nice at the time.


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