Boy, girl, puppy or monster? -The answer!

I can’t believe it.  I cannot believe how real this is getting.  Seeing our baby on that screen wiggling, flipping and waving was one of the coolest most awesome things ever.

Baby has feet!  And those feet have toes!

Our appointment was for 3:00 and of course we were there early, cause I’m always early.  We were taken to our room pretty quickly and began the ultrasound.  The tech squirted a bunch of the warm goop on my belly and as soon as she put the wand on there we saw the bebe.  But, she had to check out my goods first, ovaries and junk.  It’s all fine, in case you were wondering.  Then came time to see baby.  It was amazing.  We saw this little skeletal creature squirming about.  The tech measured the arms, and we saw all 10 fingers.  Then came  the legs and teeny tiny feet.  During all of this baby is flipping around and not being the most cooperative so the tech has to chase baby around to catch the picture.  Eventually baby calms just long enough for us to get a good look between those legs.  And guess what we saw…a lil baby wiener.  Yup, we’ve got ourselves a little boy!  The tech said “Do you see that?”, and I replied with “Is that a weenie?”, because I’m in first grade.

*I’m not including the revealing photo, but trust me he’s all boy.

Man, was I excited/shocked/and already completely in love.  Some of you probably know I thought it was a girl.  Now, that being said that doesn’t mean I didn’t want a boy.  In the last couple of days I’ve been feeling anxious about finding out because I didn’t want to be upset with the outcome.  You know when you have an idea of how something might turn out and all you can think about is that outcome?  I think I had that going on.  I was just worried that I would feel like I was wrong, or that my first instinct as a mother was wrong.  When we saw that he was in fact a he, I kept waiting for my heart to drop and to be disappointed, but it never happened.  I was elated, and completely 150% in love with this guy.  I am so friggin ecstatic right now and I wanna scream out all the excitement.  OK, done with the sap, for now.

Tiny hand.

Back to the ultrasound: So our little guy (!!!!) was calming down with his acrobatic skills and found himself a cozy little corner to bury his head in.  Well, that made things difficult for the tech.  She couldn’t get the proper measurements for his head, and we couldn’t even see his little face.  So she poked and prodded him and he would just wave his little hands as if to say “Get away from me”.  She had me go to the bathroom, and lay on my tummy for a while to see if he would change positions.  Well, he’s a stubborn child already and wouldn’t budge.  At this point we were cutting into the next patients appointment.  The teach asked if we could come back in an hour and we said sure.  She said to walk around because that can help him change position.

I was hungry, of course, so we got a bite to eat and went to Target.  And it was there where we bought our first boy items.  A zip up hoodie sweater, overalls and a onsie with an owl on it.  All on clearance.  And Rob wanted to buy me a present and I picked out some owl jammies.

When we got back to Kaiser I lifted my shirt, got the warm goop on and was fully prepared to see he had moved.  He did no such thing.  So the tech had me lay on my tummy again and she lower the head of the bed.  After a few minutes she had me roll onto my back and she checked his position.  Still in his corner.  She poked and prodded some more and eventually he floated up and she got his measurements.  We also eventually got to see a profile and his face straight on.  We could see his little mouth open and close, and when he turned face forward it was a little frightening.  He looked a little like Skeletor.  I’m sure he’ll look super cute and handsome in person, but those ultrasounds make their eyes look like black holes.  It was hard not to laugh at the sight of that.  After 2.5 hours we were done, finally.

Do you see Skeletor?  Or Darth Vader?  I will love him unconditionally no matter what villain he looks like.

I am 19 weeks along right now and he is the size of a mango, I know cause all pregnancy websites measure babies with fruit.  In one more week I’ll be halfway done.  That blows my mind.  This is all going so fast.

We are over the moon ecstatic about this boy.  Now, I just have to be patient enough to wait 21 more weeks to meet him.


6 thoughts on “Boy, girl, puppy or monster? -The answer!

  1. I can’t believe it! I was totally with you on thinking it was going to be a girl. It’s OK though, because little boys are so much easier! I’m so so so excited to meet him. We are going to be very best friends. YES! xoxo

  2. I really thought it would be a girl as well! I guess I have to send the tiara back……You knew it was going to be a boy:) Im so excited for yall. Cant wait to hold him. The pic of his little feet is wonderful! What a great reason to get back to Portland!

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