The Home Stretch

Today marks my 27th week of pregnancy as well as the first day of the third trimester.  3.  More.  Months.

It’s so close.  So very, very close.  I get more and more excited every day.  Even the days when my sciatic nerve pain is at it’s worst.  I’ve dealt with lower back pain since puberty due to my, uh, top heavy load.  But I have never in my life felt back pain like this.  I’m still going to acupuncture, which is helping tons, and yesterday I broke down and bought a maternity support belt.

Attractive right?  While it is a little bulky and causes my pants to slide down, it truly is a little piece of heaven.  I walked around shopping all day yesterday and I didn’t feel like dying by the end of the day.  The belt also is helping with some really awesome swelling I’ve had lately.  I’m even wearing compression socks.  Woo!  When I wear the belt it pushes my belly up so it sits like a shelf.  It’s also pretty constricting which makes the baby move a lot more.  Probably cause he doesn’t have all that extra room to squirm.

While I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy adventure I do try to sit and “reflect” I suppose on what my life has been like and what it’s going to be like.  But then I get easily distracted by something shiny and can’t remember 5 minutes later what I was thinking about.  It’s taken me nearly 5 hours to knock out this blog.  No joke.  Pregnancy brain is real people, and is not to be taken lightly.  I’m forgetting how to spell words, what day it is, and to brush my teeth.  Everything I had heard about this pregnancy brain I took with a grain of salt and thought it was just another made up something or other to throw on pregnant women.  I’ve never been so scatter brained in my life.  I sent out Christmas presents to Rob’s brother and his wife the other day that I forgot to wrap!  Oops.  Today I managed to schedule my next acupuncture appointment for the same exact day and time as my 28 week check up next week.  Luckily I caught it and rescheduled my acupuncture appointment before showing up to one and no the other.  This is apparently supposed to go away once the baby is here, but then there is something called “mommy brain”, and I will continue to believe that it doesn’t exist until I realize I have it.

I have my next appointment next week, but not with my midwife.  She’s out of town, so I’m seeing a male O.B.  I’m kind of curious to see how he does things.  The midwife did warn me that he will not sit and chit chat with us like she does.  He’ll basically measure me, check the heartbeat and ask if I’m having any issues and be on his way.  I also get to take the 1 hour glucose test which I mentioned in my last post.

This last weekend we painted the future nursery, currently serving as Katrina’s room while she’s in town.  It was Shauna’s room before this, and it was painted red.

Needless to say, we had to prime the room.  That actually went pretty fast.  Rob and I had that done in about an hour and a half.  That was Friday.  Saturday we had a little extra help from our friends.  A big, huge thank you to Katrina, Joy and Shauna, and I guess Mike too, even though all he did was come over and make coffee.  The room looks so fantastic.

Now, keep in mind that your computer monitor isn’t calibrated to match mine, so if it looks neon yellow just remember that I’m not that crazy.  It’s a pale-ish yellow.   I forget what it’s called though.

We’re going to paint the changing table, rocking chair and dresser we have brown, and accent the dresser drawers with blue.  The crib we’re getting is from Ikea.

I have a vision of what I want, and I can’t wait to make it happen!

Until next time…


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