8 Weeks/55 days

Only 8 more weeks of you having to listen to me talk about being pregnant.  Then the real fun begins.

So I’ve been keeping busy around the house, nesting I suppose.  Last time I wrote the crib we got was not going to work.  We returned it, and got a new and blue one!

The other one was waaay too green (it actually showed up yellow in photos).  This blue is perfect.  After getting the crib set up, I managed to knock out some curtains.  I found two sets of vintage Sesame Street sheets on Ebay and snagged them for this purpose.  I bought some plain white panel curtains from Ikea and sewed the sheets to them.  I replaced the blinds as well, and both the new blinds and curtains are making the room considerably warmer.  I love how our original windows look, but they really offer no insulation.  This last weekend my mom took me to Babies R Us and bought the crib mattress (thanks mom!).  He officially will not be sleeping in a dresser drawer.

Rob dug out this sweet piece of awesomeness: the Disc-O-Kid.  The kid’s got his own record player as well as a few albums Rob has picked up at thrift stores and the bins.  I gave it a good clean up, it was pretty dingy, and looks as good as new.  The needle needs a little extra weight, but we can work with that.  When it plays, there’s a light that flashes on the reflective background like at a disco!  We’re gonna have a disco kid!

Rob’s also been picking up children’s books and even comic books for the boy.  It’s pretty sweet, and I can’t wait to see him read to the bebe.

I hit 31 weeks last Wednesday.  I also discovered that I had stretch marks.  I thought I was going to be in the clear, but noooooo.  They’re fairly small and are only on my lower belly.

Yesterday made 32 weeks.

I had my 32 week appointment today.  It was supposed to be on Tuesday, but my midwife was sick, and out for the week.  So today I met with another midwife.  She was older, and very attentive, which is a big reason why I chose to use midwives in general.  She did do an internal exam, yay!  (that is to be read sarcastically)  I went in with my list of things I’ve been experiencing, and questions I had and some of the aches and pains lead her to do an exam just for safety.  When she checked me all was fine, no dilation, and she said everything looked as it should.  Thankfully Rob was there to hold my hand because I get really anxious about vaginal exams.  The exam itself wasn’t too bad.  Really it’s just the medieval torture devices they use to perform the exam.  Hopefully, if you’re still reading this you don’t care knowing about my dilating cervix.  Just know that from now til I give birth I will not spare you any detail.  I don’t mind sharing if you don’t mind reading:)

The last 2-3 weeks I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure when I stand up and walk, and the urge to pee is constant.  For a while I had been feeling him up in my ribs, which is not pleasant, and suddenly all his movement is really low and on the sides.  I came to the conclusion that he had “dropped”, settled into the birthing position lower in my pelvis.  I got my confirmation today when she felt around the outside of my belly that he is in fact head down and she said she “can feel little appendages”, hands, in my lower abdomen on the left and she felt his backside along my right side.  His heart rate was good, and my belly is measuring right on track*.  Before we left we scheduled the 3 remaining appointments up until my due date.  At the next appointment the run a test for Group B Strep, wherein a large Q-Tip swabs the inside of the vagina and another in the anus.  Don’t you guys feel like our relationship has gone to the next level?  I’m reeeeeally looking forward to that.  To make up for that, we do get to see the baby again on ultrasound at the next appointment to make sure he’s still head down, and if he’s not, they drug me up and somehow turn him.

Our Bradley class is going well.  This week we went over the labor process and discussed different options and obstacles we may encounter during it.

*A quick note on my belly: When people remark on how “small” they think I’m measuring, I want to tell them to fuck off.  Excuse the language, please.  I’ve had a handful of people say this to me, people who’ve had kids and people who haven’t.  I know that sounds harsh, but it is very difficult to want to be nice to people who like to give unsolicited advice on my pregnancy.  You are not my doctor.  Every woman is different, carries her pregnancy differently and has a different experience all together.  If I want your advice or opinion on how big or small I’m measuring, I’ll ask.

Besides all this pregnancy stuff I really don’t have much going on in my life.  Oh wait, I am going to see comedian Marc Maron tonight!  That’s exciting and not baby or pregnancy related.  I’ve been watching Rob attempt to beat the very last level in Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Perfect Run in the Grandmaster Galaxy.  I gave up on that game when I couldn’t for the life of me get past a level.  I forget how far I got.  But watching Rob play this level is just as intense as playing it.  I just watched season 4 of 30 Rock on dvd, that was nice.  I’m on season 2 of Roseanne and that’s going great.  I’ve also been enjoying watching my pals play dodgeball.  I miss playing dodgeball, but I’ll return to the team one day!  I think that’s all I’ve got for now.  Until next time!


4 thoughts on “8 Weeks/55 days

  1. Erin: I’m really enjoying keeping up with your pregnancy and am so happy for you and Rob. Your pictures of the curtains brought back great memories, because those are the same sheets Adam and Luke had when they were munchkins. When I saw the last pictures you posted of Cameron on his birthday, I can’t get over how much he reminds me of your dad. Hope ya’ll get back to New Orleans again soon.

  2. Mr. James! I’m so glad you’re reading and keeping up with my life! We would love to come down and show off the little guy once he’s here. Cameron is so grown up, definitely not a kid anymore and he reminds me of my dad too:) Hope ya’ll are doing well and I hope to see you relatively soon!

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