D-I-E-G-O!  Sing that to the tune of Bingo.

Today while Rob was working on stripping the paint on some baby furniture outside, I caught Diego and Rita sitting next to each other watching him at the back door.  The second I got up to grab my camera Rita was distracted and followed me to get it, while Diego sat there waiting patiently for Rob to come back in.

I have never witnessed one of those “man’s best friend” relationships in real life.  Until now.  Diego loves Rob more than I love cheese.  Hell, maybe even more than I love Rob (But that’s not possible.  Lovey, dovey!)  It’s adorable.  It’s precious.  It’s even a little annoying sometimes how much this dog loves this man.  I say annoying only because at the sheer sight of Rob’s truck pulling up to the house when he gets home from work, Diego loses his mind.  His tail whips back and forth at such a speed that if you’re sitting near him you’ll get stung.  When Rob walks through the door it’s like watching a crack fiend get a long needed fix.  Diego stumbles and trips over himself to get to Rob’s bearded face to lick the life out of him.  All the while, little Rita waits patiently for her turn with Rob.

I took these photos today while Diego was longingly waiting for Rob to come back inside.

His ears perk up as Rob starts walking towards the door to come in.

And this is classic Diego.  His wide eyed “Don’t you love me?” stare.

I love Diego, even though he loves Rob more.  I love watching them interact and be best friends.  Rob read a comic book, I don’t remember the name of it, that was about the last man alive and his monkey pal.  At the end of the comic the monkey ends up dying.  Rob said that the relationship the man had with his monkey pal reminded him of his and Diego’s relationship and he cried.


One thought on “D-I-E-G-O

  1. DIEGO! He’s my second favorite dog in the whole world! (Please note that Diego and Rita are tied for second place.) What a sweet little daddy’s boy.

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