Things that happened

Well, this last week has been full of happening things.

First off, we had our last Bradley Birth Class on Sunday.  I certainly feel confident in my decision to go natural/med free.  I think Rob and I both learned a lot from this class.  Rob even told me how proud he was of me for choosing to go natural/med free.  That made me feel pretty damn good.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras.  Even though I don’t live in New Orleans anymore I still like to celebrate Mardi Gras and share what it’s about with my friends.  I made a King Cake this year instead of having one shipped here (I can’t justify spending $50 on having a cake shipped here).  It didn’t come out great.  It was dry and a lot more dense than what kind of King Cake I’m used to.  The frosting came out pretty good though.  I even made a cream cheese filling, that also came out well.  I’d like to master a King Cake recipe one of these days, so I guess I’ll just keep on practicing.

For Mardi Gras dinner Rob, myself, Mike and Devo went to EaT: An Oyster Bar.  It was packed!  We got a a table right in front of the live musician, Curtis Salgado.  Aside from not being able to speak to each other over dinner, it was great.  I had Shrimp Étouffée, Rob had the jambalaya, Mike had the debris po boy, Gator bites & pickle chips, and Devo had the fried oyster po boy.  I also got my fix of sweet tea.  Although, if I weren’t pregnant I would’ve indulged in a hurricane and/or an Abita Turbo Dog, a Louisiana micro brew.  There was a lady there dressed to the nines in Mardi Gras gear.  It really made me miss going to parades and seeing everyone dressed up and dancing in the streets and yelling “Hey mister, throw me somthin’!”  at the floats passing by.

If you look over Rob’s left shoulder you can see the Mardi Gras lady.  She looks eerily like a statue.

I told Rob I can’t wait to bring the kid to Mardi Gras and let him experience the awesome fun I had as a kid.

Last week marked 37 weeks of having a growing fetus inside me.

And this last Wednesday marked 38 weeks:

All I’ll say about pregnancy this post is that we’re ready and waiting.  Please come soon, baby.  I’m getting impatient.

Thursday was an interesting day.  I picked up Katrina from the airport, who came in town just in time to see my brother in the hospital after having his appendix removed!  My mom called me Thursday morning and said she took him into the E.R. the night before with severe abdominal pain and vomiting.  After some tests and a Cat Scan, they determined he had to have his appendix removed.  Luckily they caught it early and it hadn’t ruptured.

Poor kid.  I felt so bad for him, being in all that pain.  When they got him settled into his room after surgery, he looked pretty comfortable.  Probably the dilaudid he was hopped up on.  He was talking about taking me to the Waffle Window this weekend.  Yeah, that’s happening.  He’s at home now, doing well thankfully.  We talked about how after I give birth, we can compare pain stories.

Hang in there little bro!

Also, today is Katrina’s birthday.  Happy birthday to my favorite Dairy Queen buddy, fellow bitchy bitch and all around crazy girl.

Until next time children…


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