It’s March 23rd

And I have not had a baby yet.  Today is the expected due date.  Did I actually think that he would be here by now?  Part of me did, yes.  Did I think he would be overdue?  Again, part of me did.  I’m trying to remain patient.  Well, remain is a stretch because I have been losing patience for a while.

Yesterday I saw the midwife where we had the induction discussion, only because she has to say these things as part of her job.  They will let me go 10 days past my due date before inducing.  I had to schedule what they call a None Stress Test for next Tuesday.  The NST is a test where they hook me up to monitors to watch the baby while I have contractions for a half hour.  She said she didn’t think I’d make it til next Tuesday though, so that made me happy.

I’m gonna get personal here, TMI warning.

She checked my cervix, which I wasn’t sure I wanted her to do because I really didn’t want to get down on myself again.  But, this time I was 1 whole centimeter dilated.  She said she could get a whole finger in there (lovely visual, right?) and I was almost completely thinned out.  She also said his head is “right there”, and I believe her because I could feel him move as she pushed him.  Such a bizarre feeling.  I will say that getting a PAP smear is still more painful, but this is a whole new kind of uncomfortable.  She swept the membranes and said I might see some bloody show soon. That means she stirred up the mucous plug (another lovely visual) which is the seal in the cervix that can fall out close to the end of pregnancy, and can be a sign of impending labor.   She said she wouldn’t be surprised if I went into labor in the next few days.

We left the appointment excited.  I also left with some awesome menstrual like cramps that lasted throughout the night along with fairly regular contractions.  Those contractions never amounted to anything.

I woke up this morning feeling hopeful that today could be it, and my boy would arrive right on time.  But as the day progressed I realized that was not going to be the case.  It’s OK though.  When the time is right, he’ll be here.  I just need to get a grip.

So, here we are taking it day by day.  I’ve got our hospital bags packed, the car seat is strapped in and my nails are coated with Spirit of Truth Wonder Woman nail polish.  I am ready.  The clouds will part and the birds will sing when our guy arrives.  Until then I will practice being patient.


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