Settling in

Well, we’ve been home from the hospital for 8 days now and we’re getting used to our new family dynamic.

Max is thriving in his new home and getting used to being over loved by Diego.  Diego’s obsessed with Max.  Rita hardly notices he’s here at all.  Max is a pretty calm baby, which he has to get from Rob.  We don’t have much of a schedule yet, and that’s OK, one day we will.  Over all I’d say he’s pretty damn fantastic.

As for myself, I’ve been feeling a little blue, with the baby blues you could say.  I never expected to be dealing with this especially after having such an easy pregnancy as far as all the hormones go.  But not to worry, I’m getting help from my therapist, Sarah Baden at Acupuncture for Wellness, my midwife, Rob and my mom, who has been a life saver and I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for us.  I know it will end soon, and I wish it would so I can be the best mom I can be to Mr. Maxwell.

If you’ve called, texted, or emailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you, I apologize.  Just give me some time to jump this hurdle and I’ll be back to my awesome self.

I am working on another blog with the incredibly long birth story full of photos.  Max and I both had kind of a traumatic labor and delivery experience and it’s been tough to rehash.  One day, though.  Until then here’s a photo of Max giving you the stink eye:


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