3 Months

Wow.  3 months old today.

He’s growing like crazy and is learning new things everyday.  In fact, just two days ago he figured out how to roll over from his back to his tummy, which is pretty rare for his age.  Now that’s all he does when he’s put on the floor to play.

We’ve been taking him to a chiropractor and yesterday he started physical therapy.  The swelling he had on his head from being stuck in the birth canal during labor calcified.  Now he’s got a sizable bump on the back of his head on the left, which I lovingly refer to as his speed bump.  Because of that he’s had a hard time turning his head to the left when laying down or sitting in his car seat.  The day after seeing the chiropractor for the first time I was already seeing improvement.  He was able to lay his head flat on his left side, and he was rolling onto his left side.  Both things he had never done.  At his physical therapy appointment yesterday we learned stretches and techniques to get him to pay attention to his left side and strengthen his neck muscles.  The physical therapist said that you usually see babies rolling from back to tummy around 5 months.  So obviously my kid’s a genius.  Better sign him up for the Talented and Gifted program.

I captured his third time rolling over on video.  He’s wearing a hat because I put olive oil on his head, per his pediatrician, to help with his cradle cap.  It was getting so bad he was losing his hair along with the crusty scales (gross, I know).  The oil is helping, thankfully.

You can check out his sweet moves in the video below.

Happy 3 month birthday, Monster.


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