5 Months

This is the baby age that everyone loves.  He is so much fun!  Our days are full of games of peek-a-boo, armpit tickles, and belly laughs.  It’s pretty easy to get a laugh out of him.  He thinks it’s pretty funny when I yawn, which is a lot because this guy is still getting up every 2 hours throughout the night.  After he gets used to the helmet we’ll be transitioning him to his room at night.  I’m not looking forward to that for a couple of reasons.  1) I will have to go up and down the stairs to tend to him in the night until he starts sleeping better.  2) I’m going to miss having him right next to me, and being able to look over at him at any point and know he’s OK.  But I’m pretty sure that if he’s not next to me all night we’ll both sleep better.

I was telling Rob today at lunch how I couldn’t believe he’s already 5 months old and how next month he’ll be 6 months (I did that math all by myself) and how that’s half a year!  Then in my head I thought he’s almost A YEAR OLD!  Jumping the gun, I know.  Rob’s response was “Yeah, that’s how time works”.  Thanks Beard-O.

Am I the only one that gets so excited about these little things? I’m a very sentimental person, and I remember little details of seemingly unimportant events (like monthly birthdays).  I’ll, later, bring up said details and get crazy looks from people saying things like how the hell do you remember that?  I want to remember these little tiny moments, because I know they’re not going to last long.  Some of my favorite things he does now are sucking on his toes, gurgling (we have gurgle chats), touches everything, smiling and squealing in glee, and gnawing on our hands, arms and really whatever else he can get his fat little hands on.  We’re also working on sitting up.  He can sit assisted for a while in the corner of the couch.

So, tomorrow’s the big day.  Helmet day.  I’ve spent the last few days paying extra special attention to his lumpy (I say that lovingly) head.  Giving him extra kisses, and running my fingers through his fine, blonde hair (which is finally growing back in!).  I’m going to miss being able to do those things while he’s got the helmet on.  I just really hope he adapts well and quickly to it.  Wish us luck!


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