A boy and his helmet.

I think this picture says it all.  It went well.  In fact, he doesn’t seem bothered by it at all.  He’s been such a trooper considering he also CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH TODAY.  I can hardly believe it.  Last night I called my mom and told her he had what looked like a canker sore on his gum.  She said it’s probably his tooth getting ready to break through.  Sure enough it was.  Oh, and I almost forgot something amazing; the monster takes a bottle now!  Woo-hoooooo!  He is so super-fantastic-awesome.

High-five, Max.  You’re the best.


One thought on “A boy and his helmet.

  1. Can I ask you where you got the helmet? Is it from Cranial Tech? My son was in a helmet for six months. Interesting time for sure. Just so you know it definitely does help. My son ended up needing two helmets because we had some problems with a rash and he ended up out of the helmet for a while, but so far he’s doing good. He has been out of it for over a year and a half. Good luck!

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