Making a move

Things are changing here at Maison Campbell.  The last month has not been easy.  First there was the accident.  Then there was the helmet drama.  Rob was sick.  I was sick.  Rob’s been working an insane amount, as well as working on a sketch comedy show.  Our car was broken into last week, my iPod was stolen and the driver’s window was completely shattered.  And just yesterday the timing belt on the truck broke.  Awesome.  I really don’t want to sit here and have a pity party, but come on!

While all of that was happening we were making a pretty big decision.  We’re selling our house.  We met with our realtor last week and decided that we’d like to have it listed by the beginning of October.  So, we’ve been working our asses off around here.  We’ve switched our bedroom and my craft room.  Now our room is next to Max’s (where he is now sleeping at night) and on the main floor.  We’ve been painting, packing, cleaning, rebuilding and more cleaning.  We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and thankfully we’ve got great friends who are willing to help us.  With a few more long days full of hard work and sweat this place will be buyer ready.

Where are we going?

Rob and I are so incredibly fortunate to have awesome parents.  And Rob’s awesome parents, Sherri & Joe, have offered us their house.  As in, they move out and we move in.  They want to downsize and move downtown and live the hustling, bustling city life.  While we want to settle down (again) and raise our little family.

We are going to get to raise our son and future kids in the house Rob grew up in.  Pretty damn cool.

The plan is that we’ll move in when our house sells, or when they move out.  Whichever comes first.  Hopefully our sells quickly, and if it does that will mean that we’ll be living with the ‘rents for a while.  But that is totes fine by me.  Luckily I like them a lot.

It hasn’t really hit me yet that we’re going to be moving out of here.  Rob and I moved in here 5 years ago.  We put an offer on the house just two days before my dad died.  We moved in here with two roommates, Milo and J-Ro.  We had second hand denim couches (ewwww), one bathroom for the four of us (again, ewwwww), our first pet chicken, Funky, and a sense of feeling pretty grown up.  The boys moved out after about two years and Shauna moved in.  We had awesome parties.  Rob and I got engaged.  We got our first dog, Diego.  We got our second dog, Rita.  We raised and lost many chickens.  We got married.  I got pregnant.  We brought our baby home.  And now we’re going to leave all of this behind and start new.

Much more to come on this.  For now, just hope that we get this place in shape for selling in time!


2 thoughts on “Making a move

  1. Aw, Erin! That’s exciting that you’re movin’ but crazy, too! Where is this future home of yours? When am I gonna get to SEE you? I’m sending lots of thoughts and love your way.

    • Our future home is (barely) in Milwaukie. I like to think of it as extended Southeast:) It’s less than a 10 minute drive from where we are now. I would LOVE to see you and shove Max’s chubby cheeks in your face. Let’s talk in a couple of weeks (so we can get this crap out of the way) and make some plans!

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