Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  There are costumes, candy, parties, and the decorations.  Oh, the decorations!  Choosing a costume is always the hardest part.  I start thinking about what I’ll be months in advance, but always decide a couple of weeks before halloween.  This year is no different.  Well, it is a little.

This year I’m, sadly, not as excited about halloween as I should be.  One reason being that I can’t decorate.  With the house on the market it just wouldn’t be wise to put all my awesome decorations up.  Another reason is Max.  Usually we either throw a big party or attend a party.  Obviously throwing a party is out of the question, but I will have my mom babysit the weekend before halloween so Rob and I can go to a party.  On halloween night we’ll have our regular Monday Movie Night and we’ll watch The Worst Witch and horror movies and hand out candy to the trick or treaters.  It’ll be different, but it’ll be nice.

I’m still not sure what I’ll be.  I’ve been more focused on Max’s costume than my own.  Cause you know, my 7 month old son has big plans for halloween.  He’s going to be Evel Knievel.  I know, awesome right?

I had an idea for a family costume and it was something I’ve always wanted to do.  I want to be Sarah form Labyrinth in the big ball gown, Rob would be David Bowie’s Jareth, and Max would be Toby.  Diego could even be Sir Didymus.  And then we could recreate the scene where Sarah and Jareth dance to As the World Falls Down (I walked down the isle to that!).  BUT, that’s a lot to recreate in a short amount of time.  The real issue is that Rob’s not allowed to shave.  No, really.  I don’t want him to shave.  I love Rob’s beard that much.  Is that weird?  Maybe a little.  Oh well.  I’ll figure something out at the last minute.

All of this halloween planning had me reminiscing about past halloweens.  So I thought I’d share some of my favorite costumes from the last few years.

Jordi and I, Halloween 2006 I believe.  Like my Cher hair?  I just couldn’t justify spending $50 on a proper wig, so I settled for the $10 Cher wig.

One of my favorite costumes Katrina has ever worn.  A circus tiger.  The face paint made it.  She did it herself too.  2008

Hot Dog and Sarah Palin, 2008.  I was one of many, many Sarah Palin’s that night.

Me as David Bowie, Katie as Charlie Brown, and Katrina as Medusa, 2009.

Mike always has one of the most creative costumes.  This year he was Ronald McDonald Trump.  “You’re Fried!”.  2009.

John came to our party as Creepy Uncle Batman.  2009.

Rob didn’t pick his costume until right before the party started.  You see, I was Joan Holloway from Mad Men.  So Rob dressed as me, dressed as Joan Holloway, in my old prom dress.  It was weird and frightening.  2009.

Diego as Elvis, 2009.

I can’t wait until Max fits in his Elvis costume our friend Chris gave him.  I will dress both Max and Diego up together and it will be fabulous.  This is why people have kids and pets, right?

This was at a party last year.  Rob had 3 halloween events last year and he had 3 different versions of this costume.  This one was titled: Rob Campbell After Dark, Nude Portrait.  On halloween he was the Mona Lisa.  One of my favorite costumes he’s done, ever.  I was coming out of my morning sickness around this time last year, so I was just a simple witch.  2010

Joy was an amazing Dolly Parton.  I wish we went to karaoke that night.  2010

I LOVED Mike’s costume last year, Elton John Wayne.  Genius.  2010

Rita was a burrito.  Or a burRita, as we call her.  2010

Now that we’ve got Max, halloween’s are definitely going to be full of greatness.  I just have to take advantage of being able to choose his costumes while I can.  In a couple of years I won’t be able to dress him as Evel Knievel or Elvis.

Bring it, halloween.


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