Who punched my baby in the mouth?

Teething is a bitch.  I swear Max has been teething for what seems like FOREVER.  The last few days we’ve finally seen the white of tooth number 3 coming through.  But the thing is, the tooth hasn’t actually broken through yet.  Throughout the day I shoved my finger in his mouth to feel for it and nothin’.  Well, tonight I took a peek in there and was horrified to see BLACK GUMS.

My immediate thought was Holy shit, he’s got some crazy infection from me sticking my finger in his mouth.  Then I thought Did he fall smack his mouth on something and I didn’t know about it?  It looked like someone punched my marshmallow cheeked baby in the mouth.  What the hell happened??  After I came to my senses I consulted Dr. Google and found out that it is completely normal for teething babies to have bruising where new teeth are coming in.  Oh thank the sweet gods of cheese!  It’s just extreme teething!  So now we just wait for these suckers to poke through, which better happen soon because since I put him to bed at a little over three hours ago and he’s been up twice, and very unhappy.  I’ve covered all the teething bases with teething tablets, tylenol and the ointment stuff.  I hope it works because we both need the sleep.  Cross your fingers for new teeth in the morning!


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