On Halloween and round heads

I’m a little late on posting Halloween pictures, but better late than never eh?

Joy and Shauna as Beetlejuice and Lydia.  AMAZING.

Mike as the Swedish Chef, myself as Miss Piggy and Devo as Lew Zealand.  Muppets!

Lumberjack Katie.

My friend Brad, dressed as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, his hip hop group, Sticks Downey performed at a party we went to and it was awesome.  Sadly, Rob had to work and couldn’t join us in all the fun.

On Halloween day we dressed up Max.

Max was Evel Knievel.  I made his costume, and by made I mean I hot glued ribbon and star decals onto a white romper.  I did make the cape on my own, and if you saw it in real life you’d see how crooked and poorly made it is.  And I forgot to get materials to make a belt buckle, so Rob just printed on from the interwebs.  Then Max drooled and the ink ran.

Also, this:

This was the photo used for the invite to one of our baby showers.  We were on to something…

A couple of days after Halloween Rob and I decided we were done with the helmet.  We were both incredibly pleased with the results and Max was becoming more and more irritable with it.  We had the last helmet appointment on Monday and told the orthotist that we wanted to call it a day.  He was totally fine with that, not that he shouldn’t be, we are the parents and it’s our decision.  He took one last measurement of Max’s head.  He measured at 6mm off.  He started off at 21mm off, huge improvement.

But for us it wasn’t the number that mattered, it was how he looked.  His ears are aligned, his forehead is round and even, his left eye is less sunken in and the back of his head is round.  His lump on the left side of his head has even gone down significantly.  In celebration of his rounded head I took some photos of it.

Aaaaaah!  Look at that perfect head!

There was some leaf tasting.

So. Much. Drool.

In the end I’m glad we decided to go with the helmet.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (except for the whole allergic reaction thing) and, well, he looked so damn cute with it on.  I think we’ll have it bronzed.


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