The Sick Baby

This is the face of a sick Max.

The past three days have been rough.  My little boy had his first cold.  There was fever, a little vomiting, diarrhea explosions, a boogery nose, lots of tears and the saddest little boy you ever did see.  But the one great thing that I got out of this (besides learning the ins and outs of treating a sick baby) was a snuggley baby.  Max has never been a snuggler, and it breaks my heart.  All I’ve ever wanted is for him to rest his little head on my shoulder and fall into me.  With him being sick all he wanted was for me to hold him.  Yesterday morning at around 8:30 (after being up since 5:30 crying) he fell asleep and napped on my chest.  And it was the best, most comfortable, and most adorable thing ever, ever, ever.


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