9 Months Old

December is, and always will be, a super busy month.

First there was mine and Rob’s birthdays.  Then there was the boy’s first cold.  We all survived, fairly unscathed.  A few days later Katrina came in town, and Max spent every waking moment in her arms. 

And then there was Christmas.

No, all those presents are not for him.  (I’ll post more about Christmas later)

He had his 9 month checkup yesterday, which Rob took him to without me because I was busy recooperating from food poisoning.  So I sent Rob with a list of questions for the Doc.  One of my concerns was about him having trouble nursing.  Well, turns out he’s not gaining any weight and hasn’t since his last checkup.  He’s sitting lean at 19 lbs, 2 lbs under what he should be at.  Which puts him under the 50th percentile for weight, where he’s always been above the 90th.  The doctor recommended that we start supplementing with formula, which I sort of suspected that’s what he’d say.    We have some formula that a company sent us when I was pregnant and I kept it on hand just in case of a situation like this.  He hates it.

I’m going to try a few things to see if I can boost my supply so we can continue breastfeeding, I’m not ready to stop.  In the meantime I’ve done some reading on formula supplementing and I’m going to try another kind to see if he’ll take it in addition to what I’m producing.  And if he won’t take any formula I’m just going to start mixing creatine in his yogurt to bulk him up.

In other baby related things, Max does the following:

-Says mama and dada, not in context, but he does speak in complete sentences otherwise.

-Cuts 2 more teeth without anyone realizing it (for a total of 6 teeth!).

-Sits himself up from a laying down position.

-Walks the dogs when Rob and I don’t feel like it.

-Is still so close to crawling, but may just skip it altogether.

-Sleeps 12+ hours straight.  Ok, not really, but maybe if I continue to write it and repeat it to myself I’ll start to believe it and maybe I won’t be so effing tired?  No?  Ok.

-Stands holding onto things pretty well.

-Feeds himself whatever we put in front of him, then spits out 80% of it because he’s a picky little nerd.

-Sleeps in a lowered crib.  Going into his room in the mornings and seeing him with his  little hands on the railing, peering over, had me fearing that I would one day wake up to  a loud thump of baby hitting the floor.

-Licks table legs, coffee or kitchen.

This is very reminiscent of that scene in A Christmas Story.

Only three more months ’til the big One.  Party planning has begun.


5 thoughts on “9 Months Old

  1. It looks like our babies are pretty close to the same age!

    I’m sorry to hear about the weight gain issues being related to breastfeeding. That sucks. I find that breastfeeding is much more challenging now because the baby is a distracted eater who pops on and off. I can’t feed her in a busy area or around other people as she’d much rather interact than eat. I also find I have to feed her for a longer time now as she doesn’t eat all at once…as in, even if I remove many distractions, she still finds something else more interesting. I’ve also found where I used to only give her one breast, if I offer the second she’ll take it. Maybe some of this will be helpful?

    • Thank you for the support! This guy also gets easily distracted. We usually nurse in his room with the door shut these days, otherwise it just won’t happen. I offer him the second side when he gets frustrated with the first, and it seems to only make him more upset. My left side has always produced more than my right, so feedings are uneven. I’m hoping to get back up to normal production so we can continue breastfeeding.

      Also, your little one is ADORABLE! Looks like she was born the day after my EDD.

  2. You got him (or santa got him?) the Modg walker! You’ll have to let me know if it is as awesome as she claims it is. Th walker gets definite point for NOT being super obnoxious bright colors with cartoons all over it.

    That sucks balls about the food poisoning annnnnd the breastfeeding bizness. Do you go to a breast feeding support group? I go to La Leche League and they are pretty helpful (and free to attend). I know some hospitals offer support groups too…

    One of my good friends switched to formula because she wasn’t producing enough and I was really surprised to find out how freaking expensive it is to do formula. That stuff is not cheap!

    • Santa totes brought him that walker. I had seen them at Ikea before, but seeing her rave about it sealed the deal. I will say that the two screws that need to be put in were a pain in my ass though.

      I’ve never gone to any LLL meetings or anything like that, but the lactation consultants I worked with in the beginning at Kaiser were sooo great and I have a call into them.

      I can’t believe how much formula costs! I’ve been reading about comparing name brands to store brands and what to look for so I can save a couple bucks here and there. This kid needs to get a damn job already.

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