The Beginning of the Transformation

We’ve begun work on Future Home and OMGIAMSOEXCITED.  Holy crackers I have so many things I want to do and paint and refinish and make my own.

Have I mentioned how this all came about?  I don’t remember so I’m going to tell you anyway.  About two years ago Rob’s parents mentioned us taking over the family house at some point.  They would downsize and live the downtown life along Portland’s waterfront, and we would raise the next generation of Campbell’s in the family home.  At the time neither of us were ready, but then that whole me getting pregnant thing happened and we realized how nice it would be to have more space.  So the idea became a plan.

Rob’s parents are on a nearly 3 month long cruise (to amazing places like ANTARCTICA!) and the plan is for us to move in while they’re on their trip.  Before they left we went through the house and took notes on what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to get rid of.  When they get back in March they’ll be living with us until they find a place.  So, for the time being all their belongings are being moved to the (finished) basement to make room for our stuff.

Sunday Mike and Katie came over to help clear out the living room and Max’s future room.  These are the two rooms we’d like to get painted before moving in.  We got them cleared out, and Wednesday Katie and I cleaned the walls, removed all the outlet and switch plate covers and filled in any holes with spackle.  Now, paint.

I have a love hate relationship with painting.  I love watching the change happen, but man it kills my arms and it is so.  damn.  messy.  I mean, I’m so damn messy with it.  I am determined to change my ways with this house though.  A big plus is that we’re going to remove the carpet in the living room right after we paint (hardwoods underneath), so big giant free drop cloth!  Sucky thing is, we’re painting the ceiling too, and I’ve never painted a ceiling, but I can only imagine that it’s 10x worse than painting walls.  After this I will have crazy strong arms.

So, in Max’s room (formerly Sherri’s craft room, and before that it was Rob’s old room) we’re going to be painting 3 of the walls a pale light blue, and the 4th will be painted in black chalkboard paint, and the trim will be white.  Also the ceiling.  Ugh.

In the living room we’ll be painting the the wall to the right a bold green called Envy.  The remaining three walls will be white with a stripe of the green about 3/4 of the way up the wall.  After we’re done painting we’ll be pulling up the carpet to utilize the beautiful hardwoods underneath.  Not excited to be pulling staples and tack boards out though.

Painting will begin this weekend with the help of many friends.  I’ll be on hand to document, bark orders and make sure no one is having any fun.  Stay tuned!


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