More Big Kid Things

So many things are happening, and fast.  Without trying to sound like a total mom (well, I am one so I guess it’s ok), I’m just really trying to embrace what he’s doing now because it’s not going to last long.  Hell, in two months he’ll be a year old.  ONE. YEAR. OLD.  Just the very thought of that brings tears to my eyes and knots to my stomach.  As much as I want him to remain this (nearly) perfect little creature, I want him to grow and become his own independent person.  Being a mom is hard you guys.

Ok, now for crazycuteadorablethings:

So he started “swimming” lessons on Saturday.  Really it’s just play time with songs in the water, which is great!  Rob was really excited to get him signed up and I’m really glad he did.  I sat out the first class so I could take some photos and video, but this weekend I’m totes joining in.Also, if this class was any indication of things to come we’ll be receiving a lot of notes from teachers about how Max doesn’t pay attention and is easily distracted.

The guy loves to eat.  LOVES.  He hasn’t had purees in about a month now and it’s because he wants to feed himself.  It’s great!  Rob and I get to eat together and not in shifts anymore!  His new favorite: Spaghetti.  I think it’s some unwritten baby law that they have to love spaghetti.


Then there’s bath time.  Thank the gods that he likes baths.  He’s finally in the big tub, after multiple escape attempts out of the infant tub I thought it was time.

Remember this?:He was less than a week old here.  Cross eyed, tanned from the bili lights  and bruised from birth.

Going to go cry now.


One thought on “More Big Kid Things

  1. Cute video. I totally need to start taking videos of Judah…
    Love the swim lessons. When I was in high school I taught the baby swim class. So cute. Can’t wait to start taking Judah.

    Also, yay to babies feeding themselves! Seriously, so much easier.

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