Future Home is now Forever Home

I was driving Max home from swimming class, mentally preparing myself for what I was about to see at my house.  My stomach was in knots, my mind was racing, I was anxious.  I was thinking about that bottle of Ativan I have packed away somewhere, and how I wished I knew where it was.

I turned onto our street, SE Francis st, and very quickly I could see it; the 26 foot long UHaul.  My heart hit the floor.  My stomach jumped into my throat.  My eyes welled up.  As I got closer I could see just about everything we owned packed tightly in there with care by our good friends.  I took a deep breath and told myself ‘This is it.  It’s happening, and there’s no turning back’.

It wasn’t long after I had gotten there that the UHaul was all packed up, and our hard working friends were in their cars ready to go.  I stayed behind with Max to wait for my mom to come sit with him until everything was moved in.  I stood on the front porch holding my baby while Rob in the 26 foot long UHaul led the caravan to our new home. When I went back inside I didn’t know what to do.  The rooms were empty.

After leaving Max with my mom, and picking up pizzas for everyone it was time to actually move in.  Again, it went quickly.  And it only went quickly because of all the amazing help we had.  THANK YOU TOTALLY AWESOME SUPER FRIENDS!

Once everything was moved in, it was nearly impossible to go anywhere.

And a week later it still kind of looks like that.

A couple of things about this move:

1) I never want to not have the internet or cable ever again.  We went for four days without both, and I felt so disconnected!  I had no idea what was going on in the world, I couldn’t read my celebrity gossip, I couldn’t hate-read some of my least favorite blogs, and worst of all I didn’t get my daily dose of Roseanne or fall asleep at night watching Friends.  But now, they’re both back and I feel complete.

2) I really expected to be more emotional about this, and maybe when we’re fully done with the old house (Finally sell it, burn it to the ground, whatever), I might be.  Or maybe I won’t.  The night before the move Shauna came over with wine and we reminisced about all the amazing, life changing events that took place in this house.  It was so fitting that she came over because Shauna lived with us for two years (was it two years?  I really don’t remember).  She told me that while we’ve made a lot of memories here, we’ll create even more at our new house.  And that we’d die there.  My first reaction was Um, what?  But then I thought about it and realized that this new place was going to be our forever home.  We’re going to raise our kids there, and grow old there.  And maybe we will die there, or in whatever retirement home our kids throw us in.

Right now, I feel really good about things, about our new life in our new home.


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