New, Old Furniture

When Rob and I think about buying a new piece of furniture, the first place we think to look is estate sales, Craigslist, then the Goodwill bins, then maybe Ikea or someplace like that.  Usually we have pretty good luck with the first two.

When I was unpacking the kitchen I realized we needed a little more storage.  I tried to think of a piece of furniture we already had that might work in there, and the only thing that would do the trick would be my Grandma’s teak buffet, and there was no way I was going to run the risk of it getting knocked into with all the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.  So, I started imagining a hutch of some sort, and I went to Craigslist.  It only took a few days to find this gem:ONLY $50!  Rob did have to go to Vancouver to get it, but in the grand scheme of things, it was a friggin’ steal.It has some dings and what appears to be paint smears, and this.That’s the biggest issue with it, and to me, it’s no big deal.  Eventually I’ll sand it down and re-stain it, but for now she’s sitting pretty in our kitchen.

Before I found the hutch, I found a pair of end tables for the living room.We had one end table in the living room at the old house, and the coffee table (which is buried under many, many things in the basement right now), so we needed end tables.  I snatched these up for $40.

Next up is the blue chair.  We were estate sailing earlier in January and came across this chair and ottoman.  They priced separately, the chair for $65 and the ottoman for $50 (which is just silly), I believe.  We left the sale without buying, but Rob went back later (as a surprise) and bought them.  He also managed to talk them down to $40 for both!  It was Sunday, the last day of the sale so they needed to get rid of it.  Estate sales FTW!I love this chair sosososo much.  I love how deep the seat is, and the wood is beautiful.

This last Sunday we went to an uh-mazing sale in a fantasy home, a 70’s ranch.  The light fixtures, and woodwork were original, and the living room had a wall of windows and sliding door.  This house was full, literally full, of books, books, t.v.s from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, books and more books.  In the basement underneath, I think, some books I found this stool.I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but just wait.  I’ve got big plans, people, big plans for this thing.

It didn’t have a price marked on it, so I carried it upstairs and the cashier asked what I thought a fair price would be.  I offered $10, and she accepted.  I should’ve offered less.  Still happy with it, especially because at the very next sale we went to there was anohter one and they wanted $35 for it, so I win.  I’ve wanted one of these for a while now.  I remember my Maw Maw had one in her kitchen when I was growing up.

This next piece belonged to Rob’s parents.  It was in their bedroom, and they were going to get rid of it, and I was all AREYOUF-INGKIDDINGME? Of course I wanted this!It’s in pretty good condition, a few scratches here and there.  Eventually I’ll re-stain it, but man isn’t she pretty?

I certainly have my work cut out for me with all of these furniture facelifts, but holy crackers I am so excited!


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