11 Months

Before I even started typing this, I started crying.  Only one more month until my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

How do parents do this, watch their babies grow up, and not lose their shit?

I know the next stage is going to be great, but I’m really going to miss this baby thing.  I was telling my mom the other day that the only memories I have of him as a tiny (ok, he was never really tiny) baby were only from pictures and videos we have.  My memory is so foggy from all the super awesome depression and anxiety in the beginning, not to mention the lack of sleep for the past year.  And to think, I used to be the one who remembered EVERYTHING.

I have been savoring every single moment with this guy.  Every noise and movement he makes is forever embedded into my memory.  The little coos he makes when he’s nursing, the monster growls, the squeals of joy, the mama’s dada’s and uh-bah!’s.  He hi-fives, low-fives and waves bye bye.  The crawling, on one or both knees, the army crawl, the kneeling and standing, and cruising.  Soon he’ll be walking, something I’m truly not ready for.  Cause that will mean he’s really not a baby anymore, he’ll be a toddler just toddling around on those fat legs, getting into everything I think he can’t get into.  I told Katrina I was going to break his kneecaps so he couldn’t walk.

These were taken after protesting an afternoon nap, which seems to be the popular thing to do these days.

Aside from naps he’s been sleeping fairly well (except for this last week, which I blame on him being sick and throwing him off.  THANKS COLD.).  One night, he slept 13 hours straight!  I don’t think I’ve ever slept that long, and I didn’t that night because I don’t think I’m capable of getting a full night’s sleep evereverever again.

Oh, that face.

I’m in the party planning mode, which is a lot of fun because I love playing hostess.  But, there’s so much going on this month, especially the days before his birthday that, as Rob said, I’m setting myself up for a shit show.  While that may be true, his party is going to be the greatest first birthday party of all time, hands down.  And I will be crying into my wine glass all day long.


3 thoughts on “11 Months

  1. Awe! I LOVE the month to month pictures!!

    I have an 18 year old getting to leave for college and a 22 month old asserting his independence. I’m a hot mess!!! I’m always in tears (and it’s become a little joke with the teens friends that I start crying when they start talking about moving on) but I treasure every second I have with them. With that little bit of sadness, you get so much more joy.

    I’m crying along with you! : )

    • Oh my gosh, when I think about him growing up and going away to school, I can feel the panic set in. I imagine I’m feeling only a small fraction of what you’re feeling, but this must mean we’re doing something right, right? 🙂

  2. OK. Two things–The blanket!! Doesn’t he look so great on that blanket?

    And 2–The picture before is quintessential Rob when he was a baby. I recognize that face. It surprised me.

    As always, enjoying your days whenever they come my way.

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