Tori Spelling’s Curtains

I like Tori Spelling.  OK, I really, really like her.  I know it sounds strange, but stay with me here.  I’m not talking about her acting career, I mean, I was totes in to 90210 of course, but that’s about it.  She’s genuinely funny, from what I’ve seen on her reality show, Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood, which is 100% true to life.  She and her husband have an antique store in LA, I want to go to there.  She’s a hands on mom with big knockers (mine are real, though), and so am I.  She has a pet pig, goat and chickens, OMG we have so much in common!  But the greatest things of all, she’s insanely crafty and loves playing hostess.  Sound familiar?  In fact she’s got a book coming out later this year full of DIY crafts for parties, and you can bet your ass I’m going to pre-order that shiz on Amazon.

Now let me get to the point of all of this.  Tori (we’re on a first name basis in our imaginary friendship) wrote a book a few years ago called Mommywood (eyeroll, I know).  On the cover she’s in her living room being the perfect mom to her adorable kids, and in that living room there are black and white houndstooth curtains. I WANT THOSE CURTAINS.

I have a slight obsession with houndstooth.  I have rain boots that have b&w houndstooth on them, my iPod cover is b&w houndstooth.  I can’t get enough.

I started looking for houndstooth curtains and fabric online.  I found no curtains, but I did find some fabric at  I ordered a 1/2 a yard of two different prints to sample.I’m glad I ordered samples.  The bottom print is way too small, and the top is almost what I want.  I think I could use it, but if I could find a bigger print that would be swell.

The larger print would allow for more light to come through, which is great because this is my favorite room in the whole house because of the lighting.

I’m going to do some more searching for a bigger print, but I think I can work with the larger of these two prints.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, Tori and I are meeting for happy hour.  Maybe she’ll clue me in on where she got her curtains while we gab about our pet chickens and love of vintage home furnishings.


One thought on “Tori Spelling’s Curtains

  1. I just want to say how happy I am I am not the only one who is imaginary BFFs with Tori!!! Yes, I own Mommywood and have seen every single episode of Tori and Dean and also realized how similar our lives are!! And our little family is looking forward to having our own chickens and goats and pigs!!
    She keeps me inspired and motivated!
    And great idea on the curtains! I think they’ll look great!!

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