Little Shower of Horrors

One of my most favorite things about this house is the claw foot tub.  When I was pregnant Rob would bring me over here just so I could soak in it, I couldn’t fit in ours very well, pregnant or not.  One of my biggest problems with this house is that there is no shower in the main bathroom, just the tub, and the shower downstairs in the basement looks like something out of horror movie.

It’s dark, dingy, and small.  And there’s one of those red heat lamps right outside the shower door, which really adds to the whole horror movie ambiance.

Since we’ve moved in we’ve made a list of projects that are a priority, and installing a shower head in the main bathroom was my main priority.  Since we’re working with a claw foot tub we couldn’t just go to Home Depot and get a new shower head.  We needed piping to run the water up, and we needed a method of hanging shower curtains.  We went to the fancy George Morlan Plumbing showroom in the Pearl a couple of weekends ago.  They had exactly what we were looking for, but for like four times the price we were willing to pay.  I mean, $1200 for a faucet and shower head?  Come on.  So, we hit the Google hard searching for a more affordable option.  And we found one!  Home Depot sells a whole package deal, the faucet, shower head, curtain rods and plumbing.  Rob hooked it up yesterday and last night I broke in our new shower!

Oh, it is so great to shower in better lighting (this bathroom is also fairly dark), and have enough room to shave my legs!  Only issue is the having to have a million shower curtains to cover all the edges, and I’m cheap and I bought the Target brand and they’re way too long and not wide enough, so now I’ll need four shower cheap-o curtains (Ridiculous!) instead of the probably 2 moderately priced ones.  Oh well, that’s what I get for buying the Target brand, eh?  Another issue is that there is no exhaust fan in this bathroom.  For now we’ll have to open the window when showering, and soon we’ll have a fan installed.

All in all I’m ecstatic.  Eventually we’ll be doing a full overhaul on both the bathrooms, the main floor first, but for now I’m pleased as punch with my new shower.


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