DIY Redo: Side Table

I came across this little side table night stand thing in our basement when we first moved in.  It was one of the many things Rob’s folks wanted to get rid of.  I liked the look of it and thought if it got a little attention it could look really nice.  I’ve been thinking of putting a little table in Max’s room next to our reading chair and thought this would be perfect.

It’s made of wood and topped with laminate.  I knew I needed to sand it down in order for the paint to stick so out came the belt sander.There’s a lot of uneven edges and corners, and I don’t know how to work with those just yet.  For instance the curved detail on the legs has quite a few gouges in it.  Is there a way to fill these in?  Some of the corners on the drawer are dented and cracked.  I thought that since this is going in Max’s room it’ll get knocked around anyway, so I didn’t want to put too much effort into making it perfect.  But I do need to do some research and figure out how to fix these things.

Once I sanded it down all I did was paint!  I used leftover Green Envy from the living room, and a gray that we got for free from Sherwin Williams, it was a mis-tint.  I spray painted the existing hardware with silver spray paint I had.  So this entire project was FREE, and free is a very good price.


One thought on “DIY Redo: Side Table

  1. This. Is. Adorable. I really want to be a crafty/creative person, but I just am not. Luckily, it looks like YOU are, so I’ll live vicariously through you.

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