13 Months Old

Yesterday the boy hit 13 months.  I debated on whether or not to do a monthly photo and post for his second year and I eventually decided to go ahead with it, because why not?

So here we are, 13 months into this lifelong journey, and I finally feel a sense of ease about this whole parenting thing.  Of course now that I say that the rug’s gonna be pulled out from underneath me.


I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s just Max getting older and learning, probably both.  We have so much fun.  Seriously.  I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say again, this guy is the greatest.  I’ll bet all parents think that about their kids.

In the last month he’s become quite the outdoorsman.  We spend every dry minute outside exploring the backyard or doing laps in the driveway with the push walker.  He’s gone from crawling to cruising, to holding hands and walking.  I think it’ll still be a little while before he’s on his own, but he’s getting there.

He’s gotten two more teeth (including another molar), for a total of 10.  He’s even had his first bloody lip.He lost his footing and on his way down caught his top lip on the corner of the ottoman.  He tore the skin that connects your lip to your gums, and it bled a lot. He was fine after a few minutes of hysteria.  I gave him some infant ibuprofen and an ice cube to  put on it (which he ate because ice cubes are apparently a really delicious treat).  I’m sure it was just a nice way to ease me in to what’s to come.

The very best new thing he does?  Snuggling.  He snuggles on his stuffed animals and the dogs.  But the best is when he lays his little golden curled head onto you, sometimes it’s accompanied by an ‘aaaaaaahhh’, and sometimes he charges you like a rhino, but the end result is all worth it.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Taking these monthly photos is incredibly difficult anymore.  Rob has to be around to keep his attention for 10 seconds before he’s up and away.   Maybe by next month’s post he’ll be walking running away.


One thought on “13 Months Old

  1. Keep taking those pictures!!! Not only will you enjoy it, it will be something that Max will love when he’s older (after he gets over the phase when mom is corny). Maybe when he’s an independent walker, you can shift to a different pose, but definitely keep doing it!

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