Bathroom Update

It’s been 2 (or has it been 3?) weeks since we started this and we’re getting closer to completion.  Kind of.

It seems that whenever we would start one project in there it would then require two more  projects to be complete.  That and Rob’s schedule hasn’t allowed for much bathroom work time, that and working around a sleeping baby’s schedule is kind of a pain.

So here we are.

Last time I left off when we were just getting done with the demolition.  My Brother, Cameron, came over a few days later to help us out (he’s in school getting a degree in construction right now).He and Rob worked on putting in the insulation and hanging the drywall Rob bought at Home Depot.  The drywall he got is mold resistant, which is great for a bathroom.  Cameron had to go to school so Rob was left to finish the drywall installation.

It’s really cool watching the process of building a room.  And it’s even cooler knowing that you can do it.  I’m so proud of Rob for doing all of this and doing right.

We had our contractor friend come over look at the water damaged subfloor, and he gave us the most excellent news that there’s no mold and it doesn’t need to be replaced.  Holy Hello Kitty that was so good to hear.  Luckily since we pulled the sink out weeks ago without putting another in immediately it dried up.

After about a week all the drywall was up and it was mudded and sanded, Rob had to sand down the already existing walls to break down the texture.  The new drywall was really smooth and the other walls were slightly bumpy.  Our contractor friend also mentioned that the fluffier paint roller we used when priming the walls, the more similar the texture we’d get between the two types of walls.  So we primed and said goodbye to the tiger.

The next day Cameron and Jared came over to paint.  Rob worked all day and I had to take care of the boy, so it was really nice to have these guys over to help out.  I paid them in lunch from Arby’s.The second that color went on the wall I was in love.  I chose a color called Crystal Clear from Sherwin Williams.  I wanted a light color, but not stark white.  This was light with a touch of blue (depending on the calibration of your monitor).

Throughout the week we made countless trips to Home Depot for various items, one of the big ones being floor, window, and door moulding.  We went with a pre-primed 3 1/2 inch moulding.  Rob also got his first circular saw, an investment I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of.  We also had to rent a nail gun and a compressor to install the moulding (In doing so, Rob had to go back to the HD twice to get the right gun and compressor because the clerk wasn’t very educated on these things and sent him home with the wrong tools. Oy.).  Rob cut all the moulding down, nailed it in, and put silicone caulk over the nails and along the edges (We were only able to install the floor moulding on the walls on the side and behind the tub, around the door and around the window.  We have to wait to install the rest because we need to put the sink cabinet in first.).  I painted them with one coat of our white trim paint.  When it was all done I couldn’t help but stare.  It looked so good.  SO GOOD.  So polished and finished.Well, not finished, but getting there.  Much, MUCH more to come.


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