Introducing, Peaches!

No, not that Peaches.  This is my new fancy pants phone, Peaches.  Peaches Valentine to be exact.

Peaches Valentine is the name of a character in The Goon comic book series.  I don’t read comics but Rob does and one day I picked up an issue of The Goon he had lying around and saw the character Peaches Valentine and thought What a sweet name for such a hideous character.  And then I got an iPhone4 and named it after him.

Now, I’m trying not to overload my instagram (My username is rederin) account with every single photo I take, but sometimes I can’t help myself.  The camera on the iPhone is worlds better than the one on the iPod, and it’s always at my fingertips!  I can take photos wherever I go now without lugging around my camera!  I swear this isn’t an advertisement!  It’s just the greatest, I tell ya.

Maybe every once in a while Peaches Valentine will share some photos here with you. Do you name your electronics?  What do you name them?


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